Monday, November 30, 2009

Meeting the Vet

Today Mom and I took Buttons to meet our doggie doctor. We wanted to introduce her 'cause she's part of our family now. If Buttons gets sick or something, it's important for the vet to know Buttons so they can make her all better again.

Buttons got scared in the car 'cause she didn't know where we were going. Mom was worried that maybe Buttons thought she was going to another house or something. Mom tried to give her extra pets and scratches on the trip.

When we got to the vet's office, Buttons and I were super hyper. We ran in circles around Mom and she got all tangled up in our leashes. She was SO embarrassed, but we just thought it was funny.

The doggie doctor looked at all the stuff from Buttons's other doctors and then she looked at Buttons, too. She said that Buttons has some dirty teeths and they'll need to be cleaned. But all the bacteria buggies that were in Buttons's eyes are gone now. And Buttons's heart and lungs sound great, whatever that means.

On our vet's scale, Buttons weighed 14.9 pounds. I suppose I shouldn't tell you that, though, 'cause it's not nice to tell other people your sister's weight. he he he

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Boris Kitty said...

teehee Buttons a wittle fing! Herz iz 10 lbs less den me! (told u i a moose).