Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Prize Just for Me!

At the PawPawty this month, I played some of the quizzes and I actually won prizes! I've never won anything before, but this month I won twice. I couldn't believe it!

One of my PawPawty prizes was a special prize from one of my friends on Twitter. How cool is that?! Monte had his Mom go shopping to pick something out JUST for me. Wasn't that nice of them to donate a prize like that? Monte said that he was happy that a doggie won 'cause he wouldn't have known what to get for a bunny or guinea pig or kitty! (I thought that was pretty funny.)

Anyway, today the mailman delivered my special prize from Monte. I was so excited when it came! I had to give the box a really good sniff.

There was a bag inside the box. I had to give it a good sniff, too. And the inside of the box. This was my very first package in the mail, so I had to check everything out really good.

LOOK at all of this loot that was in the bag! There was a cute card from Monte and a rope toy and a squirrel squeaky toy and a cute pink jacket! In this picture I'm saying, "This stuff is for ME, Mom, and not for you. Don't you think about stealing it!"

I was so excited about that squirrel that I grabbed it and started playing with it before Mom could even take the packaging off of it!

Here's me carting off the squirrel 'cause I didn't want Mom to take it from me...

Look at how far I flung the squirrel! OK, so maybe it's not that far...and maybe I started to fling it but got scared when the package hit me in the head and I ran from it...

Here's a picture of the cool jacket Monte's Mom picked out just for me. Isn't it adorable? It's just a little too small for me but Mom says it's gonna fit perfect after we go on our diets. (Um...I didn't sign up for a diet!!!)

The jacket is super-duper cute. I sorta got my head stuck in the hood for a while, though, and that freaked me out a little. Mom had to help me rescue my head...after she took a picture of it...

So Mom took the package off of my new squirrel after she helped me rescue my head from the jacket hood. Here's a picture of me with my new squirrel. He posed so well! I've played with him all day, so he's my buddy now.

Thanks, Monte and Monte's Mom! This was such an awesome prize. I love it! You're the best!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween from Lexi-Turtle!

It's a's a plane... NO, it's Lexi-Turtle!

I finally got Mom to make a turtle expander so that my costume fits my little belly. She used scissors, a washcloth, and some safety pins, but I think it worked out good. You can't really tell that the turtle-expander is on there Now it's the right size and snug as a bug (or snug as a turtle!). Way to go, Mom!

She took about a bazillion pictures of me. I'm gonna post some of them here. I had some trouble picking out my favorites 'cause Mom tooked to many!

Sicky Mom

This has been a super cool week for me because Mom's been home almost all week! Isn't that awesome?! I love Mom's stay-home days.

Only problem is that she's home 'cause she's been sick. She says she's got the flew buggies. So I keep giving her my best, cutest "play with me!" looks, but she just wants to be flopped on our couch. Here's a pic of one of my cutest looks. How can she resist this face???

When we go out for our walks, she won't even keep up with me. I have to keep dragging her along 'cause she's so slow. That's a big bummer.

I guess stay-home days aren't as much fun with the flew buggies. But at least I still have Mom here...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sekurity Report: October 2009 PawPawty

The October 2009 PawPawty was held on October 24 and 25. This PawPawty had a Halloween theme...sort of for obvious reasons... Anyway, all money raised during the October PawPawty was donated to the Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue, which is Romeo the Cat's October FURPOWER recipient. This PawPawty raised $2,130! The first $1,000 was matched, too, by Nutrish, bringing our total to $3,120 for the Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue. Way to go, anipals!

The Sekurity Team was without our fearless leader, Captain Snickers, for the very first time because the Captain could not attend the PawPawty. Sergeant Shawnee Shep stepped up and took charge for the Sekurity Team.

We also want to thank Sergeant Shawnee Shep for making us our cool Sekurity Team badges for each PawPawty. This month they were super scary 'cause we need to scare those spammers and nekkid ladies away from the PawPawty! (On a personal note, I want to thank Shawnee Shep for not making my badge very scary. I get scared easy...and a scary badge would make me be afraid of ME. So I got a cute pumpkin badge instead of a scary one. Thanks, Shawnee!)

The Sekurity Team for the October 2009 PawPawty included:

Sergeant Shawnee ShepDokumentation Officer Lexi-Lou
Officer MorrisOfficer Annie
Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleoOfficer Brutus

Officers Frosty and DewOfficer Cheshire Kitten
Cadet Buddy

Underkover Sekrit Informant Fergus

Official Sekurity Report

2:00 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo and Cadet Buddy sign in for sekurity dooty.
2:00 p.m.Sekurity announcement from Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo: iz OFFISHUL! #pawpawty begins NOW! enjoy da music fron the DJ's stop by and get a snacks n drinks from the barktenders! has questions? ask!
2:14 p.m.Cadet Buddy advises all party anipals to be sure their accounts are not protected so that they show up at the PawPawty.
2:31 p.m.Cadet Buddy apprehends and scares away a too-scary, not-invited person:
2:31 p.m.Officer Brutus advises Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo and Cadet Buddy that he is at the PawPawty off-duty, but available if they need back-up.
2:34 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo advises @Fergusthedog that Sekurity will protect him from the super-scaries.
2:36 p.m.Cadet Buddy scares off five naughty spammers.
2:38 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo and Cadet Buddy scare off a super-scary ghost.
3:20 p.m.Report comes in that @marleyterrier has gotten a bitey on the neck! Investigation underway. Several anipals are questioned. No known suspekts developed. Situation remains unsolved.
3:24 p.m.Cadet Buddy reports that things are slow.
3:27 p.m.Report comes in from @GeorgeTheDuck of spammers at PawPawty. Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo and Cadet Buddy scare the icky spammers away.
3:42 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo advises @marleyterrier to have a V-E-T look at the bitey mark to make sure no infektions come.
4:02 p.m.Officer Brutus signs in for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:
Only one issue to report. @marleyterrier was bitten by an unknown vampire. No suspekts at this time.
4:02 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo and Cadet Buddy sign off of Sekurity Dooty. Great first shift for Cadet Buddy!
4:21 p.m.Officer Brutus checks on @marleyterrier to be sure his bitey is o.k.
4:26 p.m.Report comes in of @OzzyDox trying to send a secret message to @MisterSnoop using @no_crybaby_doGs's starfish Pokey as a messenger. Officer Brutus will investigate the Pokey-napping.
4:40 p.m.Officer Brutus launches search party for Pokey. Photo of the missing starfish:
4:57 p.m.Pokey is back! @OzzyDox helps to retrieve Pokey...after possibly Pokey-napping him. @no_crybaby_doGs asks to talk to a lawyer because @OzzyDox let Pokey swim in the Dead Sea after Pokey-napping him and Pokey's color is gone and he's all puffed up. After a hot air balloon accident, @OzzyDox has amnesia, however, and the overall investigation is dropped. No charges are filed. (Post-PawPawty update: Pokey's color returned and he's no longer puffed, so he's o.k. now.)
5:24 p.m.Officer Brutus heads to the Haunted House to be sure all anipals are safe there from the creepies.
5:29 p.m.Sekurity Notice: There is something very scary over at the haunted house. Creatures running everywhere--in and out!
5:34 p.m.Sekurity Alert: The current Barktender, @tweetypie54 is in Twitter jail. Please order drinks from his alter ego @gunnersbro.
5:40 p.m.Report comes in of a white teeth spammer from @tuttifruiti_cat. Officer Brutus scares the naughty spammer away.
5:48 p.m.Sekurity Alert: The Haunted House is so scary that @HankTheDoggy peed his costume!
5:58 p.m.Officer Cheshire Kitten reports for Sekeurity Dooty.
5:59 p.m.Official Sekurity Alert Correction: Officer Brutus reported that @HankTheDoggy peed his costume. For the official record, @HankTheDoggy did NOT pee his costume. He just almost did 'cause the Haunted House is super scary. Sekurity Team apologizes for the mistake and notes that @HankTheDoggy is NOT a wuss doggy but a brave doggy...and he did not pee in his costume...
Handoff Report:
Just a few notes: the haunted house is really scary. @OzzyDox and @MisterSnoop are behaving themselves (so far). @OzzyDox was helping anipals earlier!
6:01 p.m.Officer Brutus signs off of Sekurity Dooty and heads for the hooch! (Dokumentation Officer Lexi-Lou hopes more hooch = more slinky scooby dancing from Officer Brutus!)
7:30 p.m.Officer Cheshire Kitten checks journalist credentials of @understandblue. Reporting on PawPawty is o.k., but be mindful of Anipal Privacy.
7:41 p.m.Sekurity Alert: Some anipals are getting spam from a vet in Pakistan. Be on the lookout for this scoundrel spammer!
7:59 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep reports for Sekurity Dooties.
Handoff Report:
Very quiet shift. Some pals had a spammer, a vet from Pakistan. Officer Cheshire Kitten hissed at 'em.
We have been watching @OzzyDox, @MisterSnoop, and @no_crybaby_doGs for mischief. They're full of talk and hooch, but no shenanigans yet.
Also, @understandblue is an accredited journalist.
8:07 p.m.Officer Cheshire Kitten signs off of Sekurity Dooties.
8:12 p.m.Sekurity Alert: Watch out for the demon kitties!
8:21 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep continues to monitor @OzzyDox, @MisterSnoop, and now @FestusLittleMan for reports of trying to get Sekurity to drinky before they plan shenanigans.
8:35 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep scares away this guy who tried to come back to PawPawty after being scared away once already:
9:12 p.m.The person anipal to pass out during this PawPawty is @baithecatahoula! Proof:
9:39 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep warns Officer Annie to not put the bitey on anipals in the Haunted House. Sekurity officers gots to uphold the law, even when pretending to be vampires!
9:47 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep reports that things are pretty quiet at the PawPawty.
9:58 p.m.Sekurity Alert: Take note of the potty spots for doggies.
9:59 p.m.Dokumentation Officer Lexi-Lou gets too scared of this pic and goes to hide for a while: EEK! (Sorry -- just looked at it again!)
10:00 p.m.Officer Annie reports for Sekurity Dooties.
Handoff Report:
Nothing was going on except for Officer Annie putting the bitey on anipals in the Haunted House. Officer Annie will monitor herself...
10:02 p.m.Sekurity Alert: Take note of the extra-large potty spots for kitties, too!
10:09 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee asks @HankTheDoggy, @trailerparkdogs, and @baithecatahoula to stop throwing garlic at Officer Annie so she can start her sekurity dooty shift. (She's only PRETENDING to be a vampire, anipals!) Officer Annie is a little upset that Sergeant Shawnee made the throwing stop 'cause she wanted the garlic--almost had a year's supply of garlic gathered up from it.
10:10 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep signs off of Sekurity Dooties.
10:10 p.m.Officer Annie begins her shift by telling jokes:
What do birdies give out on Halloween? Tweets!
What's a vampire's favorite dog? A bloodhound!
Why do vampires need mouthwash? They have bat breath!
Why can't mummies keep friends? They're too wrapped up in themselves!
What do you get when you goose a ghost? A handful of sheet.
10:43 p.m.Sekurity Alert: Watch out for zombie dogs!
10:50 p.m.Sekurity Alert: There are zombie cats, too!
12:00 a.m.Officer Annie signs off of Sekurity Dooty. Note: no Sekurity Coverage for the next two hours.
1:42 a.m.Officer Morris reports for Sekurity Dooties!.
2:12 a.m.Officer Morris advises @perrythebirman that nip isn't illegal...but shenanigans when nipped-up are trouble.
2:20 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: Remember what happened to @perrythebirman after too much nip. Enjoy nip responsibly!
3:25 a.m.Report comes in that @PeroDaCat has an injured tail from dancing. Officer Morris offers first aid assistance.
3:27 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: Officers can also help with first aid!
3:59 a.m.Officer Morris advises @PeroDaCat to not dance while sleepy for fear of injuring his tail again.
4:07 a.m.Officer Morris reports that all party animals have been purrtastic!
4:58 a.m.Report comes in that @sadlovelyheart is trying to pass fake IDs. Officer Morris issues official warning.
5:37 a.m.Officer Morris again warns @sadlovelyheart to pawty safe. Stay out of mom's cough medicine!
Handoff Report:
Very quiet, hardly any trouble at all! @PeroDaCat hurt his beautiful tail dancing, but was fine after huggles and refreshments. @sadlovelyheart was cautioned for fake ID & cough medicine
6:11 a.m.Officer Morris signs off of Sekurity Dooty. Note: no Sekurity coverage for the next two hours.
9:59 a.m.Officer Brutus signs in for Sekurity Dooty.
Handoff Report:
Hello? Anybody here? Anybody??? Nope! No officers signed in for Sekurity Dooties at the 8:00 a.m. shift! Uh oh...
10:16 a.m.Officer Brutus suggests @PierreThePoodle start spiking the coffees to get the hooch situation going. Contemplates whether or not that is a sekurity risk.
10:44 a.m.Officer Annie reports in for late Sekurity Dooties. She oversleeped!
11:41 a.m.Officer Brutus advises @trailerparkdogs to not eat PawPawty guests. Leave @mattiedog alone!
11:51 p.m.Officer Brutus arrests @trailerparkdogs, @HankTheDoggy, and @smokeythedog for trying to eat @mattiedog.
11:53 p.m.Officer Brutus releases @smokeythedog when he learns @smokeythedog was trying to save @mattiedog from being eated for Sunday breakfast.
11:58 p.m.Sekurity Alert!!! @trailerparkdogs and @HankTheDoggy are resisting arrest and attacking Officer Brutus with ketchup!!!! Officer Brutus gets the situation under control...thank goodness...
12:00 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo signs in for Sekurity Dooties. Cadet Buddy also volunteers to help cover the final sekurity shift.
12:05 p.m.@mattiedog does not want to press charges, so @trailerparkdogs and @HankTheDoggy are released from the pokey.
Handoff Report:
No report filed...but things were quiet so there probably wasn't anything to really report on anyway.
12:04 p.m.Report comes in from @CathyKeisha of hauntings in the DJ booth. Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo and Cadet Buddy begin investigations.
12:10 p.m.Officer Brutus signs off of Sekurity Dooty.
12:25 p.m.Cadet Buddy reports the ghosts are gone from the DJ booth.
12:29 p.m.Ghost investigations move to the Haunted House. Could be that some ghouls escaped! The Haunted House got too scary, too, so maybe those are real ghosts in there... Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo and Cadet Buddy are investigating.
12:30 p.m.The DJ booth ghost returns! Cadet Buddy once again scares the ghost away!
12:32 p.m.Sekurity Alert: No squirting ketchup at other anipals! Consider this your official warning from Cadet Buddy.
12:35 p.m.Cadet Buddy gets out his tazer and zaps the extra ghost at the Haunted House. That takes care of the "extra" haunting! All anipals are safe.
12:40 p.m.Cadet Buddy's tazer is not one issued by official PawPawty Sekurity Team. He got it at Toys-For-Us-Police store. He brought an extra one and let Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo borrow it for the remainder of the sekurity dooties. Note to Captain Snickers: we should look at supplying these ghost-specific tazers to all sekurity officers for any PawPawty involving hauntings!
12:53 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Everybody, it's o.k.! @frugaldougal will NOT be putting the bitey on anyone at the PawPawty. He was just kidding.
12:54 p.m.Official Sekurity Alert to All Ghosts: Beware! Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo and Cadet Buddy are armed and tazerous!
1:03 p.m.Cadet Buddy signs off of volunteer Sekurity Dooties. Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo recommends promoting Cadet Buddy to Officer at next PawPawty.
1:23 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo boogies on the dance floor with @Quadpawd.
2:00 p.m.Sekurity Announcement from Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo: Pretty tame last two hours of PawPawty! All anipals in good spirits. PawPawty raised more than the 2K goal! CONGRATS! Thanks to all!
2:11 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo officially signs off of Sekurity Dooties. Safe travels, everyone!

Put That Tongue to Good Use!

I read about a contest that another doggie is having and I want to enter! Anna is having a Spectacular-Tongue-tacular Contest. Isn't that cooool?!

So I talked to Mom and she looked for some pictures of my tongue. (That sounds so funny!) We couldn't decide on just one picture...there are so many! I guess I like to stick my tongue out at Mom when she's got that camera out. He he he!

Here are my favorite pictures of my tongue:

This one is of me in my Easter dress, chowing down on a Munchie Bone that the Easter Bunny brought me!

This picture was from my birthday one year. Mom gaved me some doggie ice cream to celebrate! You can see that I enjoyed it...and that it covered my face, ears, etc....

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Somebody call PETA. This bath is NOT ethical treatment of ME.

Who cares if I rolled in pee-pee in the grass this morning?! I'd rather smell like that than this stupid vanilla shampoo!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Penguin?!

When Mom and I were walking around my pond the other day, she thought she saw a penguin out on the water. She's crazy! I said, "Mom, you know it's not cold enough here for penguins to be on our pond!"

So we investigated and you know what? It was a goose! The goose was diving, so its head was under the water and its booty was up in the air! Mom saw the goose's belly and booty and thought it looked like a penguin 'cause it's belly and booty are white but it's legs and tail feathers are all black. I thought that was pretty funny.

We learned two things that day.

1. Geeses have white booties.

2. Mom should wear her glasses more often.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Under My Blankie?

Can you guess what's hiding under my white blankie?

Do you need a hint? How about this...

Yep, you guessed it... It's me! I was digging in my blankies and I actually buried myself under the white one!

Don't worry, though. I got out o.k.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Give Me That Rice!

Mom had the food from the boxes for supper tonight! The Rice Man didn't bring it, though, so I don't know where it came from. What's important here, though, is that she had RICE.

She was a nice Mommy and she shared her rice with me when she was eating. She's holding out now, though. She keeps telling me that it's all gone. I don't believe her. I've used all of the methods at my disposal, but nothing has worked. I've given her my cutest "feeeeed me!" face. I've sneezed at her. I've pawed her leg. I've given her really cute, begging eyes again. Her response? Nothing.

This is ridiculous. I want more rice. She's expecting me to stop thinking about it and just eat my stupid doggie food. That ain't happening. I want RICE!

Oh...maybe she dropped some in the kitchen! I'd better go check the floor...

What's Zooming on My Pond?

Mom and I walked around the pond tonight. I heard a funny buzzing sort of noise on the way over there. It got pretty loud. When I looked at my pond, you know what I saw? Boats! That's right -- there were boats out zooming around my pond.

Mom said that they were "remote control" boats 'cause our pond isn't big enough for boats people ride in. And there were guys on the side of the water with things that told the boats where to drive on the pond. That's pretty weird, don't you think?

Anyway, the good thing about the boats zooming on my pond is that it scared all of the geeses away. Those loud honkers keep pooping on my sidewalk! I wouldn't mind 'em if they would stop doing that. And maybe quiet down a bit. They're so loud!

Bad thing about the boats is that they scared away the duckies, too. Mom and I like to listen to them quackin' out on my pond. (They're not as loud as the geeses and they don't poop all over, either!)

Gotta admit that the boats zooming sorta scared me a little, too. Mom had to pull me along for a bit when the boats got super close to the sidewalk. Oopsie...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Walkin' in the Park

Mom had a cool surprise for me today. We went to the big park again! That's one of my favorite places. Of course I thought we were going to the groomer 'cause it's the same direction. But when Mom turned our car at a certain corner, I knew where we were heading. I was SO excited by the time that we got to the parking lot that Mom said I was hurting her ears with all of my yipping and whining. Sorry...but I was excited and she wasn't moving fast enough!

I ran in circles when we got out of the car. If you were at this park you'd do the same thing. It's such a cool place! There were a bazillion other doggies at the park today. I'm sure they were just as excited as I was.

Today Mom tooked our camera so that I could show you some of the stuff at my big park. Here's the big sign by the parking lot. Mom said you might want to know what park this is. I think that's silly 'cause it's the big park and everyone should know that. But, oh well. Here's the sign. I think it says, "The Big, Cool Park" on it.

Here's me walking over a bridge. We don't usually go this way 'cause it's a lot longer and I get tired. (My legs are pretty little...) We used to go this way lots, but Mom said we've both had too many cookies to walk this way now. Anyway, we walked a little way this direction and then turned around.

There's a HUGE bunny rabbit statue at the park. Mom tried to take a picture of me sitting with the bunny, but I was too excited to sit there. (Sorry, Mom.)

I got a little tired 'cause the sun was so shiny today and we were walking more than we usually do. Had to sit and rest for a bit.

Here's a picture of me admiring one of the statues. Mom says there are lots of statues at the park for the humans to enjoy. I don't usually pay attention to 'em 'cause there's so much other stuff there for doggies to sniff and check out.

I love this sign 'cause there are always great sniffs on it. I think the humans put it there as a sort of porta potty for dogs. I mean, it's a post with a picture of a doggie on it. Doesn't that just scream "pee on me!"?

Here's me with another statue. I was trying to figure out what was takin' Mom so long. She was taking too much time fiddling with the camera and not enough time walking!

This is a sign with a map of my big park and all of the cool trails to walk on. (It's another great sign to sniff!)

In this picture I'm thinking, "Come on, Mom! Stop taking pictures and just enjoy the park!"

The park's got lots of trees and regularly grassy spots. There's also lots of super-tall grass. It's as tall as Mom!

I tried not to let all of those leafs on the sidewalk spoil my walk. I don't like leafs!

I was really thirsty after all of that walking. Mom usually keeps a water bowl and some water in the car for me, though, so I can get a drink after we've walked. That's a good idea in my opinion 'cause I was super thirsty today. She thought I was gonna drink the whole bowl full.

"Stop taking pictures of me, Mom. I was just takin' a drink!"

All of that walking at the park wore me out. So I had to take a nap when we got home. (Mom thinks I'm cute when I'm sleepy. Heck, I'm cute all of the time.)

So those are all the pictures of my walk at the big park today. Isn't it a cool place? I hope we get to go back tomorrow. I love the park!