Monday, September 28, 2009

Sekurity Report: September 2009 PawPawty

The September 2009 PawPawty was held September 26 and 27 and the theme was "Down on the Farm." This month's charity was the Soi Dog Foundation and $1,383 was raised. Good job everyone!

The September PawPawty Sekurity Team included:

Captain SnickersSergeant Shawnee Shep
Officer AnnieOfficer Brutus
Officer Morris

Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo
Cadet Cheshire KittenDokumentation Officer Lexi-Lou

Official Sekurity Report

2:00 p.m.@FrugalDougal kicks of PawPawty with tributes to anipals who crossed over RB and celebrations of anipals who have birthdays and adoption days in September.
2:00 p.m.Officer Brutus reports for official sekurity dooty (he was early, helping with the wagons of party animals).
3:10 p.m.Officer Brutus reports that no incidents have taken place and all anipals are having a great PawPawty.
3:26 p.m.Cadet CheshireK reports for dooty.
3:46 p.m.Officer Brutus chases off icky porn bots.
Handoff Report:
@MadisonTheLab and @Ryker_Tyker were attacked by porn bots. Madison said something they liked. We blocked them.
Keep an eye on @Ryker_Tyker, he's had quite a few pawtinis. No trouble to report (yet).
@OzzyDox and @PierreThePoodle have some moonshine hidden behind the barn. I will be seeing to this personally (i.e. don't bust us!).
@OzzyDox and @MisterSnoop were talking about cow tipping. Keep an eye on the cows so they don't fall over!
@RosieandCheeto was told to temporarily leave the barn as she was stinking up the place. That's about all.
4:05 p.m.Officer Brutus signs off dooty but is going to "investigate" the homemade hooch behind the barn.
4:09 p.m.Cadet CheshireK reminds all anipals that cows are animals, too. Warns anipals to refrain from tipping or sekurity will have to take action.
4:11 p.m.@RRcatty reports stepping in YUCK and Cadet CheshireK helps to the bathing area to clean up the situation.
4:21 p.m.Cadet CheshireK investigates report of fire in @SydPie's mouth. @GeorgeTheDuck had one too many ducktinis after his barkending shift and was breathing fire on her. Singed feathers of @SydPie. No injuries reported and no sekurity assistance needed. Just a case of post-ducktini breath.
4:26 p.m.Cadet CheshireK reminds @BorisKitty to treat animals with dignity. No real duck flavoring in ducktinis here!
4:28 p.m.
Cadet CheshireK reports ongoing investigation of cow tipping. No hard evidence found yet.
4:40 p.m.Cow tipping investigation continues with lots of paw-pointing and hoof-pointing. Hard to determine who's who with #pawpawty costumes on. "Animals of interest" in investigation turn out to be dressed as cows!
4:54 p.m.Cadet CheshireK reminds @kittehboi that horses are anipals, too, so no eating them for dinner.
4:56 p.m.Cadet CheshireK reports that @BorisKitty is cleared of cow tipping charges. @BorisKitty likes moos. Proof:
4:57 p.m.Cadet CheshireK awards @ZackRabbit the Good Samaripal award for helping @GeorgeTheDuck who had too much to drink. @ZackRabbit is keeping an eye on him and helped him when he felled over.
5:04 p.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: All anipals to the pond to help @AylaLab from cow tippers!
5:06 p.m.Cadet CheshireK in hot pursuit of @mattiedog who was threatening the cows and @AylaLab with tipping in the pond.
5:08 p.m.Cadet CheshireK apprehends @mattiedog and takes him to holding cell for intoxication and cow tipping. Prevented tipping of @AylaLab.
5:12 p.m.@MisterSnoop and @OzzyDox say they weren't involved in cow tipping and offer evidence that Pink Panther did it instead: Cadet CheshireK sees through fake evidence and decides they needs to be questioned.
5:19 p.m.@BorisKitty reports that some lil chicks need to be carded by barktenders 'cause they're underage. Photo of chicks for barktenders to monitor:
5:34 p.m.Cadet CheshireK begins questioning of @MisterSnoop and @OzzyDox for cow tipping at PawPawty. @OzzyDox claims the cow was drunk and felled over on its own.
5:40 p.m.@AylaLab provides more evidence of cow tipping. Cadet CheshireK investigates and says that it looks like the cows laid down on their own. Reports that all known tippers are in custody.
5:44 p.m.@MisterSnoop and @OzzyDox officially booked for cow tipping after complaint was formally filed by @AylaLab. Suspekts had advertised involvement in cow tipping club, so evidence against them is solid.
5:46 p.m.Cadet CheshireK released @mattiedog from holding cell after Mattie sobered up. Sekurity will continue to monitor him.
6:02 p.m.Sergeant ShawneeShep reports for sekurity dooty.
Handoff Report:
@MisterSnoop and @OzzyDox are trying to plan jail break. Dokumentation Officer Lexi-Lou is getting meds for @OzzyDox so Cadet CheshireK can remain on guard. The suspekts are being held on a cow tipping complaint by @AylaLab.
Keep an eye on @mattiedog who was trying to tip @AylaLab after too much hooch.
@ZackRabbit was awarded the Good Samaripal award for helping @GeorgeTheDuck.
5:06 p.m.Officer Brutus tells @MisterSnoop and @OzzyDox they can get out of jail if they promise to not tip any more cows, or buffalo, or llamas, or horseys, or other farm animals.
6:13 p.m.Cadet CheshireK signs off of dooty.
6:19 p.m.Sergeant ShawneeShep makes sekurity announcement about being safe near fences:
6:25 p.m.Officer Annie, after hearing pleas from suspekts, reports the badges that @OzzyDox and @MisterSnoop were displaying earlier at PawPawty: and Don't look good for suspekts!
6:28 p.m.Officer Annie bails suspekts @MisterSnoop and @OzzyDox out. Investigation will continue and they'll have to see judge after it's complete.
6:31 p.m.Sergeant ShawneeShep makes announcement -- whoever parked their tractor blocking @hanseebundee please note parking signs:
6:42 p.m.Sergeant ShawneeShep reports that the cow that was tipped was found and failed a breathilizer test. The cow was drunk. Evidence points to cow falling over on its own. Proof:
6:49 p.m.Sergeant ShawneeShep says be on the lookout for @RascalBCool who might be getting cows drunk to take advantage of them.
6:51 p.m.Another report comes in of a tipped or drunked cow:
7:00 p.m.@RascalBCool is cleared of suspicion of getting cows drunk. He got his cow horns stuck in @AylaLab's mudhole and was trying to get unstucked when the cows were drinking.
7:01 p.m.Photo is found of @MisterSnoop by one of the cows:
7:04 p.m.Sergeant ShawneeShep and Officer Annie announce that cows are likely falling 'cause of hooch and not because of tippers.
7:08 p.m.Sekurity Bulletin: With all of the drinking, please make note of litter box locations.
7:10 p.m.Sergeant ShawneeShep begins to monitor @AylaLab for false akusations about tipping.
7:27 p.m.Evidence again clears @BorisKitty of getting cows drunk. Was "indisposed" during time cows were drinking:
7:39 p.m.Sergeant ShawneeShep declares @BorisKitty a good farm citizen for giving cows kisses.
7:43 p.m.Sergeant ShawneeShep and Officer Annie continue surveillance of @AylaLab and will ask Captain Snickers to continue as well. Evidence cleared @BorisKitty but @AylaLab still akusing.
7:53 p.m.Sergeant ShawneeShep assures @BorisKitty that it is o.k. to come out of hiding.
8:00 p.m.Captain Snickers reports for sekurity dooty.
Handoff Report:
Don't let anyone pick on @BorisKitty and keep an eye on @AylaLab who has been filing false complaints about cow tipping. They is akusing kitties and little doggies of tipping but the cows are just getting drunk and falling over on their own.
8:10 p.m.Captain Snickers reports that the PawPawty is crazy and it's hard to keep up with everything that's going on!
8:31 p.m.Captain Snickers advises barkenders @SydPie and @GeorgeTheDuck to not deliver food or drinks to @BorisKitty who is still in hiding. Captain continues to tell @BorisKitty that akusations were false and PawPawty is safe. No need to hide!
8:34 p.m.Captain Snickers tells @AylaLab to stop worrying about tipping and akusing other anipals. Just enjoy PawPawty!
8:38 p.m.Captain Snickers again tells @AylaLab to stop badmouthing @ForeverGinger about possible tipping and cow jokes.
9:09 p.m.OFFICIAL SEKURITY ANNOUNCEMENT: Cadet CheshireK is being awarded promotion to full sekurity officer, effective at the October PawPawty. Congratulations, Officer CheshireK! Great job on first shift of PawPawty sekurity!
9:22 p.m.Captain Snickers reports: this has been quiet shift so far. Where is all the crazy happening?
9:26 p.m.Report comes in that @CosmoHavanese is having icky people start following. Captain Snickers advised to block them a.s.a.p. and tell sekurity if they are using PawPawty hashtag.
9:26 p.m.Captain Snickers reports: this has been quiet shift so far. where is all the crazy happening? ^-,-^
9:34 p.m.Captain Snickers reminds @HankTheDoggy to let sekurity know if he needs help getting home (too much hooch or trips to see barktenders). All anipals need to stay safe!
9:46 p.m.Captain Snickers, due to quiet PawPawty, continues Ninja training from Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo.
9:59 p.m.Officer Annie reports for sekurity dooty.
Handoff Report:
Captain Snickers was just placed in Twitter jail for exceeding the daily limit of Tweets! Handoff report done through direct messages because of Captain's Twitter jail incarceration. Luckily, Officer Annie was already on dooty, so sekurity coverage not affected.
10:07 p.m.Officer Annie begins her shift by continuing to tell silly farm-related jokes. Examples:
Where do cows like to ride on a train? The cow-boose!
Ground beef is a cow sitting down.
Moscow doesn't make as much milk as Pa's cow.
What happened to the lost cattle? Nobody's herd.
10:13 p.m.Officer Annie realizes that too many Tweets now means Twitter jail, so no more jokes!
10:34 p.m.Sekurity Alert! Watch out for falling cows.
11:04 p.m.Officer Annie fielded a question from @CamDog17 who is looking for a loose plow. (Get it? "FIELDED"? *giggles*) No plows have been reported found that weren't lost first.
11:04 p.m.Reports come in of @MugsyDog zooming around PawPawty. He was supposed to be home but claims that @FergustheDog and @FrugalDougal helped him sneak into PawPawty. (Here's a photo of @MugsyDog at the last PawPawty, and thus the reason for concern:
11:12 p.m.Officer Annie captures the zooming @MugsyDog and takes him to jail for precautionary reasons. Will hold @MugsyDog for @SylvieDog and give him lots of cookies while in the slammer. @hanseebundee, @Fergusthedog, and @perrythebirman all told that they can play with @MugsyDog but only in jail and not out of jail.
11:31 p.m.Officer Annie gives @MugsyDog some pizza while in jail to go with his big tray of cookies.
11:35 p.m.Sekurity Alert! @CJdoggirl helped @MugsyDog fly out of the PawPawty jail!!!
11:40 p.m.Officer Annie tells @MugsyDog he can stay out of jail as long as he stays out of trouble. Jail was just to help keep him safe, not 'cause he broke PawPawty law.
11:47 p.m.Report comes in of a spammer/bot at PawPawty. Officer Annie investigates and attempts to scare off spammer.
11:52 p.m.@Fergusthedog reports to Officer Annie that @sashabear310 has had too many bartinis and needs assistance. @Fergusthedog helps Officer Annie get @sashabear310 into sekurity office for nap and sobering up.
12:01 a.m.Captain Snickers reports for sekurity dooty.
Handoff Report:
Keep an eye on @MugsyDog (@flicka47 is sneaking Mugsy hooch) and there is a bot spammer Officer Annie was having trouble getting rid of.
12:16 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: if nekkid ladies or mean farters tweet you, please block them.
12:25 a.m.Captain Snickers warned @MugsyDog that sekurity was still watchin' him.
12:31 a.m.Captain Snickers gives @MugsyDog final warning about drinking too much at PawPawty and bothering anipals. Next offense means jail again.
1:06 a.m.@MugsyDog passes out from drinking too much hooch. He shouldn't be causing trouble for a while. Proof:
1:23 a.m.Captain Snickers warns @GeorgeTheDuck that he can't cut in on Captain's dance with @Doppelkatie. All anipals must wait their turns...and nobody should mess with the Sekurity Captain!
1:35 a.m.Lots of anipals have had trouble with daily status update limit for Twitter and have been put into Twitter jail. Captain Snickers and @frugaldougal will investigate what limit is for future PawPawtys.
1:53 a.m.@Apollo_Frenchie reports that @BabyPatches is streaking and skinny dipping. Captain Snickers advises @BabyPatches to stop streaking. @BabyPatches saws it was @Apollo_Frenchie's idea and blames situation on too much MoonNipShine.
1:58 a.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: anipals there is no sekurity on duty for the next four hours. Please do watch out for each other at PawPawty.
2:05 a.m.Captain Snickers signs off of sekurity dooty. Needs to rest from busy PawPawty!
2:05 a.m.NOTE: No sekurity officer on duty for next four hours.
2:06 a.m.Captain Snickers recruits @Fergustino (aka @Fergusthedog) for secret, undercover, unofficial monitoring for sekurity if needed. Shhh! Don't tell.
2:13 a.m.
Undercover Secret Agent Fergustino reports insider trading -- @ForeverGinger is selling cow tipping insurance. Pay the insurance (donation to charity), cows, and you won't get tipped! Insurance? Or blackmail???
2:25 a.m.
Undercover Secret Agent Fergustino reports that @BadAndy_KityKat needs help throwing huge dog/pic @Jasmine_woo_woo into the pond because she needs a bath. (Sekurity note: @Jasmine_woo_woo went into the pond at 2:54 a.m.)
2:34 a.m.
Undercover Secret Agent Fergustino reports that @SylvieDog is now passed out with @MugsyDog.
2:36 a.m.Undercover Secret Agent Fergustino signs off secret dooty. No undercover (or non-undercover) sekurity coverage until next shift at 6:00 a.m.
2:36 a.m.No sekurity coverage.
6:00 a.m.Officer Morris reports for sekurity dooty.
6:09 a.m.Officer Morris offers special tea trolley with hot nip tea, pet-friendly cocoa, and coffee for PawPawty late-nighters and early-risers.
6:29 a.m.Officer Morris learns of plot by @BadAndy_KityKat and @PepiSmartDog to do some rustling. Will continue to investigate. Also learns of possibility of poo guns being used by the suspekts.
6:42 a.m.Investigation continues into rustling and poo guns. Not sure what they're trying to rustle. Officer Morris will keep his eye on them there varmits.
6:54 a.m.Sekurity alert comes in! @BadAndy_KityKat and @PepiSmartDog have poo guns and are planning to rustle @Jasmine_woo_woo!!! (Proof of the varmits' plot:
6:56 a.m.Officer Morris heads off to intercept the suspekts.
7:03 a.m.Officer Morris discovers that @DreamerDiary is involved in the rustling and poo-making (for guns), too.
7:06 a.m.Sekurity Alert! Watch out for rampagin cows and their alien friends trying to beam ya up!
7:11 a.m.Officer Morris reports: Ah'm jest gonna rustle me up some rustlers! Ah've got mah six-shooter and mah trusty steed - yippee-aye-ay!
7:15 a.m.Suspekts are confronted by sekurity.
7:21 a.m.Suspekts are tied up and in custody!
7:27 a.m.Officer Morris ties @BadAndy_KityKat and @PepiSmartDog onto @DreamerDiary's and Apples the Horse's backs and takes the varmits to jail!
7:29 a.m. @BadAndy_KityKat claims that @Jasmine_woo_woo flung the first poo, so she is taken into custody, too.
7:40 a.m.All varmits/suspekts in poo-flinging and rustling are officially taken to PawPawty jail.
7:42 a.m.Officer Morris falls asleep at his desk. Luckily, the varmits do not get the jail keys dangling from his belt!
8:08 a.m.Officer Morris signs off of sekurity dooty to begin DJ shift. No sekurity coverage!
8:10 a.m.A jail break is suspekted.
8:10 a.m.Reports of @flicka47 and @CatnamedSinbad considering dynamite to blow suspects out of jail. @PepiSmartDog uses special Pram Powers, though, to magically escape with @BadAndy_KityKat. No dynamite necessary when you've got special Pram Powers.
8:22 a.m.Officer Annie starts sekurity dooty.
Handoff Report:
@BadAndy_KityKat and @PepiSmartDog are on the run after breaking out of jail. And @Jasmine_woo_woo, @DreamerDiary and Apples the horse are still locked up - I hope! Was a poo fight, yuck!
8:41 a.m.Sekurity Warning: all cow tippers will be arrested!
8:45 a.m.Sekurity Alert! Stay away from the cliff 'cause cows are falling!
8:48 a.m.Sekurity Alert! Watch out for falling cows!
8:52 a.m.Sekurity Alert! Watch out for the flying pigs!
8:53 a.m.@PepiSmartDog and @BadAndy_KityKat turn themselves in and p pleads for leniency for @BadAndy_KityKat. @PepiSmartDog takes full responsibility for poo incident. Officer Annie will discuss with Captain Snickers.
9:24 a.m.Officer Annie investigates report of poo guns mentioned again by @BadAndy_KityKat. No additional guns found yet.
9:13 a.m.Sekurity Alert! Stay out from under that big oak tree!
9:32 a.m.Officer Annie asks @AylaLab to stop playing with poo stick and making a mess.
9:58 a.m.Sekurity Alert! Please obey all signs!
9:58 a.m.Officer Brutus reports for sekurity dooty.
Handoff Report:
It's been kinda quiet. Watch out for anipals packing poo guns. No confirmed suspekts yet, just lots of talk of poo guns.
10:05 a.m.Sekurity Alert! Be careful if you go to the north side of the pond!
10:25 a.m.Officer Brutus reports that his shift is quiet so far. There has been talk of poo guns, but no recent sightings.
10:29 a.m.Officer Brutus and @HankTheDoggy plan secret ways to make any future confiscated poo guns "disappear" and then "reappear" during DudeFest.
10:35 a.m.Officer Brutus again reports that the sekurity shift is quiet...and then says he wishes @trailerparkdogs would have done something. Uh oh...
10:44 a.m.Report comes in of hooch behind the barn.
10:53 a.m.@PierreThePoodle and Officer Brutus announce NO LIMIT HOOCH HOUR. Preparations begin.
10:58 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: Please form an orderly line for @PierreThePoodle, No Limit Hooch. No pushing, there is plenty to go around.
11:00 a.m.No Limit Hooch Hour officially begins. Drunk barn is open. Paddy wagon at the ready.
11:07 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: cow pawty crashers need to head 'em up, move 'em out. Only invited anipals in cow costumes allowed!
11:09 a.m.Mosh/poo pit forms.
11:13 a.m.Officer Brutus asks @BigBoyBosco to get a hose and spray everybody off when they come out of the mosh/poo pit.
11:16 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: If you need hosing off after the mosh/poo pit, @BigBoyBosco can help you (after he gets out of course!).
11:23 a.m.Officer Brutus finds drunk anipal passed out behind hooch bar and takes party animal to drunk barn. No ID available on passed-out anipal.
11:26 a.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo reports that she may be late for sekurity dooty. Officer Brutus will stay on dooty until NSFL MizCleo is available.
11:31 a.m.Sekurity Alert! @trailerparkdogs and @HankTheDoggy are on top of the silo after drinking all night and morning! Rescue mission in progress.
11:37 a.m.Rescue mission still in progress. @HankTheDoggy has climbed down from the silo and is now napping under a tree.
11:41 a.m.Officer Brutus enlists help from Officer Annie and @MouseholeCat to get @trailerparkdogs down from top of silo. Offers of BBQ ribs and coffee do not work to get @trailerparkdogs down.
11:48 a.m.Sekurity determines it's safer to let @trailerparkdogs stay on top of silo to sleep off hooch.
11:48 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: @PierreThePoodle has drunk as much of his hooch as he has served. Barktending shift is over in 12 minutes!
11:51 a.m.Sekurity Announcement: After 1 hour of No Limit Hooch, if you need help we are here! Drunk Barn is open with soft beds and puke buckets.
11:59 a.m.Officer Brutus helps @BigBoyBosco to the drunk barn with soft beds and puke buckets.
12:02 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo reports for sekurity dooty.
Handoff Report:
It was a wild shift the last hour! @PierreThePoodle did no limit hooch at the bar and things went crazy.
The only outstanding issue is that @trailerparkdogs is still sleeping on top of the silo. I'll check on them later!
Also, the mosh/poo pit is still going on but it died down once the hooch kicked in. Haven't heard much from over there lately.
12:16 p.m.Officer Brutus signs off of sekurity dooty.
12:42 p.m.Report comes in from @Crazykittykat1 of possible naughtiness in the hayloft.
12:45 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo makes sekurity announement: perhaps some shadee business on barn roof and top of silo. Launching full investigashuns!
12:48 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo asks deputee owl to be on the lookout for suspicious activities.
12:53 p.m.@HankTheDoggy tells Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo that @trailerparkdogs still napping on silo roof. No other shenanigans reported, so barn roof declared all clear.
12:58 p.m.Report comes in from @Crazykittykat1 that someone tipped over all of the outhouses. Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo dispatches clean-up crew IMMEDIATELY.
1:01 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo reprimands @sirHank for stealing her Tweets. That's not cool. No impersonating sekurity officers!
1:04 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: Please tweet Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo if you saw any suspicious activity near the outhouses before they were tipped over. Bacon snacks if you give details!
1:09 p.m.Sekurity expresses big thanks to @frugaldougal for his great leadership and inspiration to get involved and help anipals in need! Bravo!
1:10 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo reports that outhouse investigation hits a dead end. Either nobody saw anything or nobody's talking. Bacon snack reward will remain in effect just in case someone comes forward.
1:14 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo announces that outhouses are back up and available for use thanks in no small part to our clean up crew!
1:24 p.m.Report comes in from @ChatteMuse that @pepismartdog's pram has been impounded by an unknown booter. A photo of the crime scene:
1:28 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo arrives at the scene of the booted pram to investigate. Unfortunately, Ninja skills don't require boot-removal tools, so Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo must continue to search for a solution.
1:33 p.m.@ChatteMuse enlists help from Hailey and ParisianDC to look up boot-removal instructions: @RascalBCool uses horns from his PawPawty costume to work at prying boot off...
1:50 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo reports that @RascalBCool got the boot off of @pepismartdog's pram!
1:55 p.m.Sekurity Announcement: tweet Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo if you need a ride home! We've got cabs on the way, carpooling is encouraged!
1:56 p.m.Sekurity Alert! @LadyBonessa was rolling out of control down the hill and gaining speed! Thanks to @SidTheCatahoula for jumping in front, stopping her, and saving the day!
2:08 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo's final sekurity announcement: I am signing off dooties! Fabulous time my pals! The cabs are lined up to take everyone home! Thanks to all who participated!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All of my Halloween Clothes

Mom's been getting me dressed up for Halloween every year since she adopted me. She loves it, and I put up with it 'cause I get extra cookies for being good. Works well for both of us!

So here are some of my looks from over the years...

The first year I lived with Mom, she made me a Tinkerbell costume. She sewed it all just for me. Made me feel pretty special, even if I couldn't stand the baby socks and barrette she made me wear! (Now these pictures are before I got my new haircut, so no giggling about that old 'do...)

The next year, I was a bumble bee. I wasn't a fan of the costume, especially the hat, so Mom tricked me by putting it on me when I was sleepy!

And then I was a lady bug. I wore the hat for Mom...but then I shook it off so that the antennas were at my chin!

I think after I was a lady bug, I was Snow White. I looked like such a dork that year...

Mom got me a princess outfit that year, too, that I didn't wear. I hated that thing. It didn't last long when she tried to make me wear it!

Stupid princess outfit...the aftermath...

Then I got to be a duckie. Quack, quack!

And then I was a chicken. Mom thought that was hysterical because I get scared a she says I'm a chicken anyway.

Last year I was a little Halloween witch. I got to go trick-or-treating at Grandma and Grandpa's house. That was fun!

Still not a fan of hats...

Mom also got me a princess outfit last year. This one was much better than the last princess outfit. I was supposed to wear it this year for Halloween, but, um, the costume shrunk and doesn't fit me very well now. At least the "costume shrinking" thing is the theory that I'm going with. Oh, well. I didn't really like this princess hat, either, but the dress was o.k..

Mom got me an extra costume for this year. She said it was on sale cheap and she couldn't pass it up! So I've got a luau girl outfit. (Would have been perfect for the luau party Aunt Katie threw for Mom and I!) It's pretty cute. The skirt kept making rustle noises and freaking me out, but I didn't try to shake it off. Mom turned my top around backwards 'cause she said you couldn't see any of the detail on it when it was on the right direction. She liked the little flowers, so to get them in the picture, she put it on me backwards. She's so silly!

And my official costume for this year just came in the mail today! Mom's pretty excited. Me? Well, you know that I just wear this stuff to humor her. Stay tuned for pictures! Mom says we have to wait until closer to Halloween for those!

Come Back, Squeaky Skunk!

Tonight I tried and tried to squeak my Squeaky Skunk...but I forgot that I killed the squeakers. So sad. I wish Mom would fix that skunk for me!

Ich Habe Mail!

So I don't really know how to say "I have mail!" in German, but I took a stab at it 'cause that's what I've got! Today I got a post card in the mail from Germany! My friend Mookie from Twitter (@schnille) sent it to me. Mom says that Germany is this whole other country that's far, far away. I don't know exactly where it's at, but I think it must be near California.

Here's a picture of me posing with my cool post card. Isn't it awesome?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Articulate Animals

Mom's work is doing this big thing to celebrate writing and they made this huge National Gallery of Writing. I got to thinking about how many of my animal friends write through blogs and Twitter and Facebook. So I asked if I could help...and guess what! I'm now in charge of the Articulate Animals part of the National Gallery of Writing! Cool, huh?

This way I get to help celebrate all of my animal friends' writing. I also get to help Mom's work which is good because that's how we get money for doggie food and cookies.

So will you help me out and submit something to Articulate Animals? It can be anything, as long as it's written by an animal. Submit a link to your favorite blog post or tweet. Submit a poem or a narrative (I have no idea what that is but Mom said to write it). Anything animal goes!

Update: I got some great questions about my gallery, so I wroted about them in another post. Click here for that info!

Friday, September 18, 2009

R.I.P. Squeaky Skunk

It's a sad, sad day. The squeakers in my Squeaky Skunk died. I broke one of them a while ago, but the second one was still squeaking good. Sadly, it squeaked it's last squeak tonight. Now both of the squeakers are broken.

Squeaky Skunk no longer squeaks. I'm very sad.

Mom said she'd try to see if she could get new squeakers and do surgery. I'm not holding out much hope, though.

R.I.P., my favorite toy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stuff at the Pond

Mom and I walked around the pond tonight. She didn't want to 'cause of her allergies but I begged and begged and tugged and tugged. She finally caved and let me go that direction.

Funniest thing happened when Mom and I were walking. We met a doggie who was just a bit smaller than me and you know what the doggie's name was? Chicken! I couldn't believe it. The doggie was named Chicken. That's so silly! I was, of course, scared of the doggie and I hid behind Mom each time Chicken tried to say "hi" to me. Mom said that Chicken wasn't a chicken but I was. Whatever...

Goose Update: I was surprised that the honkers were quiet tonight. Only one honking incident when we were walking. Looks like they stopped all of that pooping on my sidewalk, too. It's about time! Those crazy geese were making such a mess over there! I don't think as many of them are living on my pond anymore, so maybe that has something to do with the quiet night and lack of poo.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Got Mail!

You know what the mailman brought today? A postcard just for me! My friend Tweetypie from Twitter sent it to me. Tweetypie lives in a place called Arkansas. Mom says it's far away from where we live. Tweetypie and I both wanted to get mail, and we wanted to see where each other lived, too. So we exchanged cards. I think that's pretty cool.

Here are some pictures of me posing with my mail and giving it a good look-over.

Puppy Poetry: I Love Meat!

Oh, how I love bacon.
The flavor can’t be mistaken!

Oh, what a joy is chicken.
It causes my pulse to quicken!

Oh, to savor some turkey,
As drumstick, breast, or jerky!

Oh, the bliss of beef.
The taste’s beyond belief!

Oh, what a treasure is ham.
It’s just as great as lamb!

You can keep your fruits...y
our veggies I abhor.
They’re simply not for me, ‘cause I’m a carnivore!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Party Costumes

I told you all about the Paw Pawtys that my friends on Twitter have. What I didn't tell you is that we all have cool costumes for the parties, too. We make special outfits just to fit the party themes. Want to see mine?

Here's my outfit for the August Paw Pawty with the Woodstock theme:

And we just had Chick Fest last weekend with a 1950s theme. So here's what I wore:

Pretty cool, huh?

Updates on Stuff

I'm not so mad at my Mom anymore. She took me to the Farmer's Market this weekend and we had a nice, lazy weekend together. Those are the best! I love that market, too. I got a little over-heated there this time, though, and Mom felt horrible about that. Worked well for me in the end because Mom felt so bad. That meant extra loving for me!

And for the record, the honkers (a.k.a. geese) are still flying over our parking lot all of the time. Mom said we're just lucky they haven't pooped on us.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mom's in Trouble

I'm pretty upset with Mom right now. Yesterday she worked all day, and then came home to see me. That's normal. But you know what she did then? She rushed me through my walk and she LEFT again! That's totally uncalled for. She doesn't have school anymore, so she shouldn't be doing that.

I was hungry. I wanted some petting. I needed a good ear scratching, and the evening is my time to play with my squeaky skunk. But noooooo. She just rushed home, took me out to potty, and then put me right back in my crate! She didn't come home again until it was dark out, too.

And...this was just the icing on the carob cake... She smelled like FRENCH FRIES when she came home again. Did she give me any? Nooooo. I'm guessing she ate them all by herself and refused to share. That should be illegal!

So I'm not a happy puppy. I'm working on getting back at her. Tonight when she tried to make a phone call, I got out my loudest squeaky toy and just squeaked away! Take that, you mean Mom!

More Goose News

Mom hasn't taken me to my pond lately 'cause she says she has bad allergies. So, I haven't been over there to check on those geese. I can tell you, though, that there are still lots and lots of geeses over there. You know how I know? I hear them.

Those things are the loudest honkers. I think that's all they do, too, besides swim and poop. Almost every time Mom and I are outside, I hear them honking. Lots of the time, they're flying around over the top of us in our parking lot. Honk, honk, honk! I think we should change their name from "geese" to "honkers." Honk, honk, honk! We need to figure out a way to put a volume control on those guys so they're not so loud.

And they need to start picking up their poop. I'm tired of stepping in it on my sidewalk!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goose Update

Mom and I walked around the pond again tonight. All of the bazillion geeses are STILL over there. This time they were all just floating around on the water, though. They weren't acting all crazy like they were last night. I think their party must have been done.

So the geese were quieter, but they still haven't picked up all of that messy poop that they left on my sidewalk. My Mom picks up my poop. Why don't the geeses' moms pick of theirs?

Oh -- we saw some duckies tonight, too. They were walking by the sidewalk. I didn't want to scare 'em, so I just acted like I didn't see them. I think they still got a little scared, though. They were quacking at me. I just kept on walking and sniffing the grass.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Geese Are Crazy!

Mom and I walked around the pond tonight. I decided that we could. I've been refusing to walk over there for a while just 'cause I didn't feel like it. I was bored with my pond.

Anyway, when we were there tonight, the geese were going crazy. There were a bazillion of them -- lots more than usual. And they were flapping and flying and swimming around all over the place. They were SO loud, too. HONK HONK HONK! (Just like that.) I think maybe the normal geeses were having a party or something and they invited all of their friend geeses over.

Then, all of the geeses just flew off to one of the other ponds. It was funny 'cause all of the sudden, they were gone. I guess their party got busted. They left some duckies behind, though, so then the duckies were quacking up a storm -- probably happy that the geese all left and they had the pond to themselves.

Even after the geese left, I could sure tell that lots of them had been at my pond. They really need to start cleaning up after themselves...or to stop going potty on my sidewalk!