Saturday, November 28, 2009

Showing Buttons the Pond

This afternoon Mom and I showed Buttons the pond where we like to walk. I think Buttons had fun there, too. The geeses weren't there today but some ducks were quacking on the water.

I showed Buttons all of the best places to sniff when we're walking around the pond.

Um...Mom...I think Buttons is trying to eat some old goose poop here...

I was so proud of my new sister. She went and sniffed this tree on her own!

This is a very important place to sniff because it's the "Dog Station." I think that sign means we're supposed to potty there.

Here are some pictures of Buttons and I walking around the pond. You'll note that I'm the one in the lead most of the time...

I think we wore Buttons out when we were walking around the pond. Here's what she did when we got back home.

That's one tired Buttons doggie!


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wot a nice walkies place you has there. I is shore Buttons rilly likes it. I can't wait to see if you is suksessful in teaching her to pee on a tree!

Barbara Lamar said...

Hi Lexi:

Tell mom congratulations on getting you a is always fun to have someone to play and explore nice to each other;-D

Mac & Fanci