Friday, December 4, 2009

Lexi-Lou, 2000 - 2009

A note from Lexi-Lou's Mom...

Lexi started out today not feeling well. She spent the morning at the vet, being examined for other issues. I picked her up at noon and brought her home. She got sicker as the afternoon went on. At 5:00 this evening I rushed her back to the vet's office because she couldn't stand or sit and her breathing was very loud and rapid.

The vet diagnosed her with acute congestive heart failure and pulmonary embolism. Her heart and lungs had sounded fine during her exam this morning, but they were filled with fluid by this evening. We knew that Lexi had a heart murmur, and that there was an underlying issue that we were trying to diagnose this morning, but the sudden fluid build-up was a complete surprise. Nobody saw that coming. Lexi had a variety of other health problems, including liver failure. We all thought that a liver problem would take her from us.

Lexi-Lou passed away in my arms around 6:00 this evening. Rest in peace, my beautiful baby girl...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buttons Get Down!

Mom cleaned off the drawers behind the chair, and she moved my doggie food, too. Buttons kept trying to get into that stuff. But you know what? That didn't stop Buttons! Didn't phase her at all. Look what happened next...

Buttons is unstoppable!

Christmas Photos

Tonight Mom decided to torture Buttons and I with hats. She says the hats are for our Christmas cards. Buttons and I did our best to be sure that none of the pictures turned out. We've had enough of those sorts of humiliations.

Buttons was wearing a reindeer collar and hat. She hated it. Mom made me wear a Santa hat with a fake beard. Come on, now! I'm a Shih Tzu doggie! I've already got a REAL beard! Why on earth would Mom think I needed a fake one, too?!

Buttons and I think that this qualifies as puppy abuse. Call PETA.


I've been talking a bunch about my new sister lately, I thought that tonight I'd start out by talking about me instead!

Mom made me potty in a cup this morning. I hate that. My vet sure likes my pee-pee, though. Mom's always taking it to him. Today we found out that I don't have any more of those bad bacteria buggies in my pee-pee. That should be good news, right? Well, not so much. Mom says that I'm still acting sicky, like I have the bacteria buggies. So she's going to take me to the vet tomorrow for special pictures of my insides. We gotta make sure I don't have any more of those icky bladder stones. Just for fun, here's another picture of the stones I had in my bladder the last time I had to have surgery...

Weren't they yucky? So they're going to take pictures to look for those nasty stones again. They're also going to get more pee-pee to do a culture on it. Mom says we'll know what that means next week.

So enough about me. You know what Buttons JUST did? She got into the bathroom garbage can! She's a wild woman. She's also been licking the kitchen floor -- just about cleaned the entire thing, too. Then she climbed underneath our microwave stand again and almost got herself stuck in there.

And after that, she climbed into the chair again and tried to get to the stuff behind the chair. Then she used that vantage point to try to get into my bag of doggie food.

Mom cleaned all of that stuff off of the drawers and she moved the doggie food. We'll see what my sister tries to get into next...

Buttons makes me tired...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


You remember that garbage can incident from the other night? At the time we didn't have proof of the culprit, but Mom and I both knew that Buttons was responsible. Well, Mom just caught the little stinker in the act! We have solid proof that it was Buttons who dumped the garbage in the living room. Just see for yourself...

She's digging in there and pulling out the dirty tissues again! That's just like she did the other night... Buttons is so very BUSTED!

So, she got in trouble. Don't think it phased her much, though.

Getting in MORE Trouble

So here's how Buttons got in trouble tonight...

Mom found her on the arm of our chair, trying to pull my Halloween costumes off a pile of stuff on some drawers behind the chair!

Buttons was BUSTED!

Knowing that Mom was watching her (and that Mom was onto her shenanigans) didn't even stop her! She gave up on the chair and tried to jump up there by climbing my bag of doggie food instead!

And then she tried a more direct approach...

But by then Mom thought Buttons had tried enough, so she moved the costumes to a safe, Buttons-free place. Buttons was sure determined to get to them before then, though.

I sort of wish Mom had let her get to that stupid princess hat. (I hate that thing.)


Well, she did it... Mom went and got a Snuggie for Buttons. It's just like mine, only a little bigger. Then she made Buttons and I sit together in a chair, wearing our matching Snuggies, so she could take a lot of pictures.

Mom's so weird.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where Did She Go?

Buttons disappeared last night. She was sitting beside Mom on the couch...but when Mom said it was time to go night-night, Buttons just vanished. I wonder where she could have gone...

Buttons has been hiding under the bed every night. Last night she hid before she even made it to our bedroom!

Busy Buttons

Tonight Buttons decided to tip over the garbage can in the living room and spread Mom's dirty tissues on the floor. Mom was doing the dishes, so the little stinker got away with it. No evidence of the culprit was found at the scene of the crime...but you can bet it wasn't ME who knocked over the garbage! And Mom certainly wasn't responsible for the mess.

The scene of the crime:

The primary suspect, visiting the scene of the crime after Mom picked everything up:

The primary suspect, acting all innocent:

Don't be fooled. Buttons is guilty.

But you know what else Buttons did tonight? She gave Mom doggie kisses when Mom was scratching her ears. Those are the very first doggie kisses that Buttons has given Mom, so Mom was all happy about it. I'm pretty sure Mom doesn't care about that garbage anymore.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Meeting the Vet

Today Mom and I took Buttons to meet our doggie doctor. We wanted to introduce her 'cause she's part of our family now. If Buttons gets sick or something, it's important for the vet to know Buttons so they can make her all better again.

Buttons got scared in the car 'cause she didn't know where we were going. Mom was worried that maybe Buttons thought she was going to another house or something. Mom tried to give her extra pets and scratches on the trip.

When we got to the vet's office, Buttons and I were super hyper. We ran in circles around Mom and she got all tangled up in our leashes. She was SO embarrassed, but we just thought it was funny.

The doggie doctor looked at all the stuff from Buttons's other doctors and then she looked at Buttons, too. She said that Buttons has some dirty teeths and they'll need to be cleaned. But all the bacteria buggies that were in Buttons's eyes are gone now. And Buttons's heart and lungs sound great, whatever that means.

On our vet's scale, Buttons weighed 14.9 pounds. I suppose I shouldn't tell you that, though, 'cause it's not nice to tell other people your sister's weight. he he he

Magnets Are NOT Doggie Toys

Mom and I heard a funny noise in the kitchen tonight, so we went to investigate. You know what we saw? My new sister Buttons was trying to climb up our refrigerator! She had even knocked some stuff off of it. Mom has some stuffed M&M magnets on the fridge, and Buttons thought they were doggie toys. Buttons was on a mission to get to them.

Mom tried to explain to my sis that M&M magnets are not doggie toys, but I don't think Buttons believes her.

She's really putting on an innocent, "who, me?" face in that last picture. Don't fall for it...

Getting into Stuff

Buttons has toy radar. She's found doggie toys that Mom forgot we had 'cause they were behind a chair or stuck in places like that. Today she found a squirrel toy that was on a chair, buried under stuff! She jumped onto the chair and dug until she pulled out that squirrel! She also tried to jump up on the side of the chair but it was way too high for her. Instead of making it onto the chair, Buttons landed in our water bowl and spilled water all over the place. Mom got her socks all wet 'cause of the water!

Anyway, Mom was worried that Buttons was gonna get hurt, so she emptied the stuff off of that chair. When it was cleaned off, Buttons decided to use the chair to survey for additional toys in the area.

The verdict? No additional toys, but there was some stuff behind the chair that Buttons decided she wanted to further investigate. Silly Buttons!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buttons's Bed

Buttons's doggie bed is the perfect size for her. She's an exact fit in there. Her bed would be too big for me. And a doggie bigger than Buttons sure wouldn't fit. But it's just the right size for my sister!

Sometimes it's even hard to see her in there 'cause her bed is the same color as her fur. Mom says she's camouflaged. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm guessing it means "cute."

Sounds at Our House

This is what our house sounded like before Buttons came to live with us:
squeak, squeak
Things were pretty quiet. Now this is what our house sounds like since Buttons joined our family:
squeak, squeak, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, snore, slurp, slurp, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, rustle, slurp, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, slurp, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, snore, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, slurp, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, snore, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak
Little bit of a difference! Mom's laughing a lot, too, 'cause she says that Buttons is such a funny little girl. Not sure if I see the humor, but oh well...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Showing Buttons the Pond

This afternoon Mom and I showed Buttons the pond where we like to walk. I think Buttons had fun there, too. The geeses weren't there today but some ducks were quacking on the water.

I showed Buttons all of the best places to sniff when we're walking around the pond.

Um...Mom...I think Buttons is trying to eat some old goose poop here...

I was so proud of my new sister. She went and sniffed this tree on her own!

This is a very important place to sniff because it's the "Dog Station." I think that sign means we're supposed to potty there.

Here are some pictures of Buttons and I walking around the pond. You'll note that I'm the one in the lead most of the time...

I think we wore Buttons out when we were walking around the pond. Here's what she did when we got back home.

That's one tired Buttons doggie!

Lazy Doggie Saturday

I was a little worried last night 'cause Buttons went and hid under Mom's bed again when it was night-night time. I figured that Buttons was going to keep us awake all night long again. But Buttons didn't stay under Mom's bed for very long, and eventually she actually went night-night in her own doggie bed! That's right...Buttons went night-night last night! She didn't stay up all night squeaking toys and stuff. Mom says that maybe Buttons is more comfortable in her new house now.

Buttons and I let Mom sleep in this morning, too. We didn't wake her up super early like yesterday. I decided that today should be a lazy day for us. So here's how I'm spending the morning...

Buttons was snoozing on the couch, too, until Mom took that picture of me. Then Buttons woke up. Mom tried to scoot her over, too, 'cause she was afraid Buttons was going to fall off the couch. (Her booty was starting to hang over the side.)

Buttons didn't stay on the couch after she woke up. You know what Buttons does when she's awake...squeaky TOY time!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Napping on the Couch

Buttons and I were both napping on the couch this afternoon when Mom decided to bug us yet again with her silly camera. She said that we were too cute to resist. So here are a bunch of cutie pie pics...

Isn't the cuteness here just too much?!