Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy Buttons

Tonight Buttons decided to tip over the garbage can in the living room and spread Mom's dirty tissues on the floor. Mom was doing the dishes, so the little stinker got away with it. No evidence of the culprit was found at the scene of the crime...but you can bet it wasn't ME who knocked over the garbage! And Mom certainly wasn't responsible for the mess.

The scene of the crime:

The primary suspect, visiting the scene of the crime after Mom picked everything up:

The primary suspect, acting all innocent:

Don't be fooled. Buttons is guilty.

But you know what else Buttons did tonight? She gave Mom doggie kisses when Mom was scratching her ears. Those are the very first doggie kisses that Buttons has given Mom, so Mom was all happy about it. I'm pretty sure Mom doesn't care about that garbage anymore.


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

OK, I has to say Buttons never did that at our house but then she never gibbed mom kisses either. You shore you got the rite dawg?

LouPeb said...

awwww first kiss....

BOL not-so-perfect crime it was huh. BOL BOL
*whisper* my sister does that too...every once in a while.