Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Getting a Sister

Mom told me tonight that I'm gonna be a sister! You know my friend Shawnee that I've mentioned before? Mom and I are adopting Shawnee's foster sister Buttons! We get to meet her next week. Shawnee lives far, far away in New Jersey, but she's gonna come this way to visit her grandma and she'll bring Buttons with her!

Buttons is a Shih Tzu like me and she's almost my exact same age. Her birthday is September 18 and mine is June 13. I'm older...but only by a couple of months. Cool, huh?

Anyway, Mom talked to Shawnee's Mom, and they think that Buttons and I are a lot like each other and that we'll get along good. So, we're adopting her. Buttons has had some bad stuff in her life, but that all ends now. (Click here to read her story.) Mom and I will be her forever-and-ever family!

Want to see how cute Buttons is? Shawnee posted some pictures of her and I just stole them to post here, too!

She fell asleep with her head in a toy in this picture!

Buttons celebrating her 9th birthday at her foster home in New Jersey...

Buttons is a toy fanatic. She LOVES toys! Shawnee posted a couple of videos of Buttons playing, too...


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

We is going to miss Buttons - she has become one of us gurls. But we is so happy she is going to such a grate home. I mean a furever-and-ever home is even way better than a plain old furever home! Buttons is so lucky!

Betsy said...

What a precious pooch. You will be so happy to have a sister and she will be so happy too. Everyone is blessed! Love you! Goodnight.

Betsy said...

I am Georgia's mom and I can't wait to see pictures of Miss Lexie and Miss Buttons,

LouPeb said...

What a pawsome news!!! We're so soooooooooohappy for you guys! You and Buttons both! woohooooooooo!
She's so cute and funny. I saw the first 2 videos before but somehow missed the last one. BOL BOL

Fuzzy Wuzzy said...

We saw the tweets about someone making a big trip to a new home & now we know who!

We hope that the accents from New Jersey to the Mid West don't cause a problem in communication between you 2 gurls. HA! Just had to say that. *Being Goofy*

Have a safe trip Buttons!