Friday, November 27, 2009

Buttons Has Arrived!

Mom and I went to pick up my new sister Buttons last night! We drove a ways in our car and we picked up Mom's friend Ronda and her doggie Molly. Then all four of us went to go meet Shawnee, Shawnee's Mom, and Buttons! It was a ways farther in our car, but we got there.

I was pretty scared at first 'cause there were a LOT of doggies and a couple of 'em were barking. It was really super cold, too. Shawnee was shivering, so Shawnee's Mom put her back in their car so she'd be warm. Poor Shawnee, though...her Mom gave Buttons and I some chicky stuff while Shawnee was locked in the car. We ate it allll gone before we thought about her not getting any. Oops! Sorry, Shawnee!

Here's a pic of Mom holding my new sissy and me! Buttons and I were both a little scared, so this was the only way to get a picture of both of us together when we first met each other.

We put all of Buttons's toys in our car and put her beds in there, too. Then we said bye-bye to Shawnee and Shawnee's Mom and we started to drive back home. We dropped Ronda and Molly off at their house, then we drove to our house.

Buttons investigated everything when we got home. She helped Mom unpack her toys and stuff, too. I supervised, of course.

Buttons played with all of the toys last night. I think she had fun. Shawnee's Mom packed a can of yummy, yummy stuff called "Thanksgiving Dinner" for Buttons and I to share. We chowed down on that stuff. It was SO good!

Here's a pic of Buttons and I hanging out on the couch last night.

Buttons didn't want to go night-night last night, though. She was up all night long. Mom said that she was probably just nervous. What a night! Buttons even went hiding under Mom's bed. So silly! Mom and I napped a little today to try to recover.

This afternoon I showed Buttons our normal route for our walks. That was fun. Mom said that tomorrow we'll show Buttons the pond. Now it's time for me to nap again, but Buttons is back to digging in the toy box! She sure loves those toys.


MedusaJ said...

Aww Lexie you & Buttons will have a fantastic life together. YAY for your Mum

Cathy Keisha said...

I'm glad your Mom and you finally gave Buttons a furever home and that she'll be safe. I'm sure you'll become best of furrends. Happy Holidays to you and Buttons.

LouPeb said...

wow thanks for the post. So Buttons's finally home. With all her toys :o) yippeee!
So happy for you guys. So happy.
*tail wags*

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

My gramma rilly enjoyed reading this. (So did I, of course!) Gib Buttons and Lexi big smooches from me, k?

Boris Kitty said...

OMC wot an adventure! So glads u noo sisfur iz finally at u house wif u!

Kitteh kisses to everybuddy.