Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lazy Doggie Saturday

I was a little worried last night 'cause Buttons went and hid under Mom's bed again when it was night-night time. I figured that Buttons was going to keep us awake all night long again. But Buttons didn't stay under Mom's bed for very long, and eventually she actually went night-night in her own doggie bed! That's right...Buttons went night-night last night! She didn't stay up all night squeaking toys and stuff. Mom says that maybe Buttons is more comfortable in her new house now.

Buttons and I let Mom sleep in this morning, too. We didn't wake her up super early like yesterday. I decided that today should be a lazy day for us. So here's how I'm spending the morning...

Buttons was snoozing on the couch, too, until Mom took that picture of me. Then Buttons woke up. Mom tried to scoot her over, too, 'cause she was afraid Buttons was going to fall off the couch. (Her booty was starting to hang over the side.)

Buttons didn't stay on the couch after she woke up. You know what Buttons does when she's awake...squeaky TOY time!


MedusaJ said...

Hooray! Buttons is starting to feel right at home. So happy for you all.

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

It's a good thing Buttons letted you get some zzzzzzzz's last night or I woz going to have to has mom swing me by there on the way home to give her a good barkin to!