Monday, June 29, 2009

A Luau at a Lake!

Aunt Katie had a party for Mom and I this weekend. It was for our graduation, and she invited my grandparents and my aunts and uncles and people cousins. It was a luau party. I ain't been to one of those before, but it was pretty cool. Mom got me a flower necklace called a "lei" to wear. I sorta liked it. I wore it all night and didn't even care that I had it on! Here are a couple of pictures of me in my lei. Pretty cool, huh?

Our party was at a place called a lake. I don't think I've ever been to one of those before. I really liked to sniff around the dock and along the beach. I'd never sniffed a lake before, so that was really cool. Mom took lots of pictures of me sniffin' the lake 'cause I was so brave. The lake didn't scare me at all!

I was a really brave doggie during our luau party. I did get a little too brave, though, and wandered off a bit. Mom got after me for going so far away. I was just havin' fun sniffing! Can you see me in this picture? I'm all of the way over by those big weeds. He he he!

And here I am runnin' back after Mom called me...

It was a fun luau party. I was really super tired the next day, though!

Digging and Digging and Digging

I dig and dig in my blankies and doggie bed. One of these days you would think that I'd actually make a hole. But noooo... I can't even seem to make a dent. I just end up burying myself!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sad Skunk News

I have apparently squeaked the squawk right out of a squeaker. I don't usually break my toys (except for that little goose that I pulled the head off of...). There's just something about that skunk, though. I love that thing. And tonight Mom and I discovered that the squeaker in the tail no longer works. Oops. The one in the skunk's head's o.k., though, so I can still squeak there.

I've pulled some of the fur off of the side, too. Maybe I've been a little rougher with the skunk than I am with my other toys. I'm telling ya, though...that's an awesome skunk! Mom's gonna need to go back to Galena and get me another one.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cleaning My Office

Mom cleaned my office today! Some people call it a "crate," but Mom says that since that's where I work all day, it must be my "office." I spend time there watchin' QVC.

Anyway, she doesn't usually wash all my blankies unless I have an accident or something in there. But tonight she said that my blankies were looking grungy, so she washed 'em. I guess it's been a long time since I've had any accidents. Yeah for me!

I like to climb in there and check things out after she puts my office back together with the clean blankies. I've gotta make sure she put everything back where it's supposed to be. Tonight she tried to take a picture of me snooping through my blankies, but I wouldn't let her. I kept posing for her instead! I got tired, though, so I finally just took a nap.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Squeaky Skunk!

I completely forgotted about a special toy that Mom bought me in Galena! She said it was part for my birthday and part for my Galena souvenirs. It's a squeaky toy skunk. Mom said that we had to get the skunk toy 'cause I tooted in Aunt Katie's van on the trip to Galena and it was super stinky. He he he! I thought that was pretty funny. You should have seen Mom and Aunt Katie when I did that!

Anyways, Mom got the squeaky skunk out of the package tonight and we played and played and played. This thing is so cool! I LOVE IT! It's really long and it has squeakers in both ends. Best of all, it doesn't have any stuffing inside, so it's easy for me to find those squeakers with my tiny little teeth! Perfect for tugging on, too. Mom and I had a bunch of fun playing with it. I was flingin' it around on my own, too. One time I flung so hard that I knocked myself over sideways. That was pretty funny!

We played so much that I kinda got tired and had to lay down by my skunk. Mom took lots of pictures...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation: Day 4 and the Trip Home

On the last day of our vacation, I got Mom up really early. She wasn't too happy about that 'cause she and Aunt Katie had been up late again. But, hey...a doggie's gotta potty, you know!

Before we packed up our cabin, Mom and Aunt Katie and I went to a place called Casper Bluffs. Mom said we were looking at some Indian burial mounds there. I have no idea what those are. I liked Casper Bluffs, though, 'cause there was lots and lots of room for me to run and explore. Mom kept me on my stupid leash there because she said she didn't know what I'd get into. Where's the trust?!

Here are some pictures of Mom, Aunt Katie, and I at Casper Bluffs:

I was tired when we left there, but I still had fun lookin' out the window of the van. Mom likes this picture...

Then we had to go back to our cabin to pack up to leave. I didn't want to leave, though, so I wouldn't listen to Mom and come back. I took off down the lane towards another cabin. I got in a little trouble. Here are some pictures of me being naughty... Just look at my tail and you can see just how unhappy I was about leaving!

We went shopping again after we packed up and left our cozy cabin. I got to ride around in my doggie bag. I was excited this time. Mom thought it was funny that I stuck my tail out the back of the bag and was waggin' away.

It was a hot day, though, and I got pretty tired. I fell asleep in my bag with my face smooshed against the side.

We started the drive home after we finished shopping. Mom put me in the backseat again, but I didn't care 'cause I was SO TIRED. I slept the entire way. We went to Aunt Katie's house and got our car, and then we went to Aunt Katie's Mom's house to say "hi" and get our stuff out of Aunt Katie's van. I liked Grandma Connie and Grandpa Wes's house. They had lots of stuff for me to sniff and roll around in. Mom kept telling me to stop 'cause she didn't want me rolling in chicken or peacock poop. She's no fun. (he he he!)

And then Mom and I drove to our house. I had a good time on our road trip, but I was so very glad to be home!

Vacation: Day 3

On the next day of my vacation with Mom and Aunt Katie, I got Mom up early so that I could go look at those alpacas again. I sorta needed to potty, too, of course. I liked staying with the alpacas, though, 'cause Mom didn't put me on my leash very often. I was FREE! That rocks.

Mom and Aunt Katie had to go do some stuff again that day, so I was in charge of the cabin yet again, too. They got back early this time, though, and we had some fun sitting outside at a picnic table. Aunt Katie was cookin' people food on a grill there, so Mom and I kept her company. I loved romping around in the grass. That was so much fun. I got to sniff all sorts of stuff, too.

Here are some pictures of me romping around and playing with Mom.

Vacation: Day 2

I know it's been a while since Mom and I went on our road trip, but I still need to write about it 'cause it was cool. Lots of "firsts" for me.

So after we stayed in our hotel room (and after I got in trouble for barking), we got back in Aunt Katie's van and went to Galena. Mom let me ride on her lap this time instead of having me sit in the back 'cause it wasn't a far trip.

I've gone shopping at the doggie store lots of times, and I love going there. We did lots and lots of shopping on vacation, too, only this was different. Mom put me in a doggie bag and carried me. I guess not all people like doggies in their stores, but we were sneaky and I was kinda hiding. I wasn't too excited about the doggie bag at first, but I did get lots and lots of attention in it. Lots of people wanted to pet me. I'm always up for a good head scrachin'.

People would say, "Oh, what a cute doggie!" or "Look at that little puppy!" Some people were downright silly and said, "Is that a real dog?" Oh, come on! Give me a break! WHAT do I look like?! Of course I'm a real doggie!

Here's a picture of Mom and I shopping:

After we went shopping, we went to the place we were gonna stay for two nights. It was called a cabin, and it had biiiig animals called alpacas there. Here's what an alpaca looks like:

And here's a picture of Mom, Aunt Katie, and I sitting by our cabin, watchin' the alpacas:

After we watched the alpacas for a while, Mom and Aunt Katie put me in charge of guarding the cabin and they left for a while. I stayed inside in my little crate, but that was o.k. 'cause I was pretty tired from all of the excitement. And it's a good thing I got some rest, too, 'cause Mom and Aunt Katie kept me up late that night with all of their chatting and stuff.

I'm Melting...

It's SO hot outside! I'm a fair-weather puppy dog, and this heat is just ridiculous. I was such a panting fool tonight that I freaked Mom out a bit. She was afraid I was gonna be sick with some lung disease 'cause I was panting and wheezing so much. I was hot!


Shhh! Don't tell Mom, but I just hid a cookie in my blue blankie on my doggie bed. (he he he!) I'll go get it later, when I'm ready for a snack. These are good cookies she's been giving me. We got 'em when we were shopping in Galena on our vacation. I love 'em. Bacon something-or-other cookies. YUM!

I'll tell you more about my vacation soon. Mom's been hogging the 'puter so I haven't been able to write lately.'d think she would let me 'cause she doesn't have school anymore. Nope. Still hogging the 'puter.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation: Day 1

On Friday, Mom came home from work and then we left on our trip. We went all of the way to Aunt Katie's house. That was cool 'cause I like Aunt Katie. She has a cool yard, too.

Then we got into Aunt Katie's van and we started to go on our road trip. I sat on Mom's lap for a while, but it was hard to get comfy that way. When we stopped, Mom actually put me on the back seat in the van. I was not a fan of that, 'cause I couldn't see Mom. I need to be on her lap -- that's my job as the doggie! I was mad...but I was sleepy, too, so I finally just decided to take a nap on the seat.

We drove all of the way to Galena, and then you know what? Mom couldn't find a place called a hotel for us 'cause the places there didn't like little doggies. How rude! We finally found one, though, and that's where we went. Mom took my doggie bed inside, but I was too excited to sleep 'cause I'd never been in a hotel before. It was a strange, strange place. I heard lots of noises, too, even though it was way past my night-night time. People were doing stuff and I couldn't figure out what it was. I had to be the guard doggie!

Here's a picture of me in my very first hotel. I was gettin' a drink of water. Mom took my food mat and my water bowl so I'd have my own stuff. Cool, huh?
I got in trouble the next morning. Mom and Aunt Katie left me in the hotel room for a while when they went to go get people food. I heard noises outside, though, so I tried to talk to whoever was out there. Mom said that doggies aren't supposed to bark in hotels. Oops.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dog-Tired Doggie

Mom and I got back from our vacation last night, and I'm SO tired! I slept the entire way home in Aunt Katie's van and the rest of the way in Mom's car. Mom and I went night-night when we got home, and I didn't even wake her up this morning to take me out. I just waited for her to wake up herself.

We had so much fun on our vacation, though. It was really cool. We went shopping and we went on a walk in a big grassy place and we watched some alpacas. Fun stuff. But I'm happy to be home 'cause there's nothin' like sleepin' in your own doggie bed!

I'll tell you more about my vacation later. I need to go take a nap now...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthday Idea

My birthday is tomorrow and I'm gonna be 9 years old. Cool, huh? So if anyone wants ideas for birthday gifts for me, here's one: I want hamburger. Mom won't give it to me anymore, and I think hamburger rocks. Hot dogs are cool, too. he he he

Road Trip

Mom started getting lots of stuff out last night and she sure made a mess of our living room. She said that she's packing so that we can go on a road trip. And guess what...I get to go, too! When Mom goes someplace for a long time, I usually have to go stay with someone like Grandma Cindy or Grandma Pat. I get to go with Mom this time, so that's super cool.

Mom said that Aunt Katie is going, too. I like her, so I think this will be fun. I sure hope that big, mean cat of hers stays home, though. I don't want to be pounced again!

The Hunger Strike Ends

I ate the doggie food last night. I was starving, so I just broke down and did it. If Mom held out this long, then I doubt I'm gonna get more hamburger.


Mom made me take a bath last night, too. Totally not fair, either. I had to take a bath 'cause we needed to wash the greasy flea preventative stuff off of my back. Um...who do you think put that nasty stuff on me in the first place?! Seems to me that if she hadn't put it on me, then she wouldn't have had to give me a bath last night, either!

I did get back at her, though. When she got me out of the tub and put me on the bathroom floor, I managed to squeeze through a little crack in the bathroom door. She didn't even miss me for a second 'cause she was hanging up the towel. It was pretty funny when she came looking for me. I got my doggie bed all wet before she found me and made me go back to the bathroom so she could blow dry my fur.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bang! Boom!

AUGH! There's some of that nasty thunder and lightening going on outside. I'm terrified and Mom doesn't seem to care! She just keeps complaining to me about how I won't let her sleep. Doesn't she realize how scary this is?!?!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hunger Strike, Day 4

I'm starving. I don't know why Mom won't just give me hamburger again. Stupid doggie food. I've been forced to eat a little each night, but not much. Just enough to get me through. I'm hungry and I want hamburger!

Oh -- Mom went to the people groomer today, I think. She had that smell. I had to sniff her head when she got home tonight. That's how I can tell. I wonder if she got in trouble for barking like I did at my groomer...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Story of My Life: Peeing in a Cup

Mom chased me around outside with another stupid cup this morning. I really don't understand why the doggie doctor wants my pee-pee like that. It makes no sense!

Mom said that the vet was really happy about my pee-pee this time, though. All of the bacteria buggies are gone, so no more icky antibiotics! That's good.

Oh...And I'm still refusing to eat my doggie food. The hunger strike continues! Tonight, I made Mom hand-feed me some of it. That's the only way I'd eat at all. I wouldn't eat it off of the doggie food mat. I want hamburger! Give me hamburger!

Squeaky, Squeaky, Squeaky, Part 2

This is the graduation doggie toy that Mom gave me. Cool, huh?

Squeaky, Squeaky, Squeaky

Here's a video of me squeakin' my toys. I love those things. I don't play with them very often when other people are around...just Mom...

I get all excited when Mom makes the squeaky toy noises, too. And sometimes I accidently fling the toys across the room and then I can't find 'em again. Oops.

Rollin' in the Grass

Mom brought home a video camera from work. She said she had to test it out 'cause it was new. Yeah, right. I think she just wanted to chase me around all night with that thing!

Here's a video of me playin' in the grass on our walk. (She never lets me get away with this!)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hunger Strike, Day 2

I'm starving. I refuse to eat that stupid, gross doggie food. I broke down last night and ate a little bit of it. Nothing today, though. I'm staying strong! Didn't have a lot of energy today, so I refused to walk when Mom took me outside.

I'm hoping that Mom will see how hungry I am and bring back the hamburger. That stuff is so much better than the gross doggie food...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stupid Dog Food!

I don't know what's wrong with Mom tonight, but she's refusing to give me hamburger! She expects me to eat that stupid, nasty old doggie food! I hate that stuff. I want my hamburger back. I wonder if I need to act really sick again to get her to give me more hamburger. Something has to change here...that doggie food is gross and I'm hungry!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting in Trouble at the Groomer

Mom knows I don't feel good, so I don't know why on earth she thought I needed to go to the groomer today. But that's what happened. She took me there and left me!

I wasn't very happy about it, but I was a good girl...for a while. Then I got tired of being stuck there (and the bath, of course!). When other people came in to pick up their doggies, I asked them to take me home, too. I barked at everyone...and I barked a lot.

You know what the people at the groomer did? They put me in the time-out room! I got in trouble because I was barking so much. I was still in the time-out room when Mom came to pick me up. How embarassing.

I just wanted to go home...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Feelin' Icky

I'm still not feeling very good. Mom told me that tonight was my last night with the bacteria buggies medicine, though, so that's cool. She says that the medicine makes me feel ickier than the buggies and that the doggie doctor said that I had enough of the stuff now.

She actually gave me my sticky medicine again tonight. She stopped giving me that medicine when we started the bacteria buggies medicine 'cause she said that they both made my poo too runny. But tonight she decided that I needed them both, I guess. She said she was tired of me acting so pathetic and she was ready to get the old Lexi back. I suppose I agree. I'm tired of feelin' icky.

I Love Meat

Meat. I love it! Meat is just the best stuff ever. When I'm on the medicine for the bacteria buggies, Mom gives me hamburger and rice. I eventually just start picking out the hamburger and leaving the rice 'cause the hamburger is my favorite stuff.

This time she started giving me hot dogs, too. She's hiding the medicine in 'em, but that's o.k. 'cause I'm actually getting to eat hot dogs. YUM.

Last night she gave me this liverfirst stuff, too. (That might not be right, but it's something like that.) Anyway, that stuff is pretty good. She tried to hide pills in that but I managed to lick it all off and leave the pill on the carpet. Easier to do that with the liver stuff than with a hot dog.