Monday, November 23, 2009

New Stuff

Mom got some new stuff today to help us get ready for Buttons. In the mail, we got a princess ID tag for Buttons. It matches my princess tag. Mine says "Lexi" on the back and Buttons's says "Buttons" on it! Here's what they look like. Mine's attached to my necklace. We don't have a necklace for Buttons yet 'cause Buttons has that with her at her foster home.

Mom also got a toy box tonight for all of our doggie toys! I inspected it. It'll work o.k. for me, I think. Mom says it's just like the one that Buttons is using now, only with shorter sides. That's good, though, 'cause Buttons and I are little doggies.

Toy box checks out o.k. in my opinion...

And here's the new office that Mom got for my new sister. One little problem though...Mom couldn't figure out how to set it up. Heck, she had trouble just getting it out of the box! It was pretty funny. She finally gave up. Don't worry, Buttons...Mom'll get it set up and then put lots of comfy blankies in there.

I think we're just about ready for my new sister now!

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Your Daily Cute said...

Exciting! When is she coming? This is such a great adoption story!