Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting Ready for Buttons

Mom and I were really, super busy this weekend. My new sister Buttons is coming to live with us in just a few days, so we had to get ready!

We made room for Buttons's bed in the bedroom. Mom moved her dresser so that we could put the doggie beds in the same spot. When she moved the dresser, Mom also found my secret pukey spot. Oops. I wasn't planning on her finding that. She didn't get mad, though, 'cause she has no idea when I got sick and puked behind the dresser. I was sneaky!

Anyway, just look at all the room we've got now for a bed for Buttons by my bed! (Don't worry...Mom cleaned up the pukey.)

And in our office, Mom moved all of the plants out of the way and put the plant table in a different spot. Now there's room for an office for Buttons right beside my office! Mom still needs to get one of those, though. We'll both be able to see the TV, too. (I hope Mom gets that big TV from Grandma soon 'cause our little one is going bad!) See all of the room we have now for an office for Buttons?

I was a very good helper for Mom while she was moving all of that furniture and cleaning. See how I helped?

We're almost ready for my new sissy! Mom just needs to get a little office for Buttons and a toy box.

Only four sleeps left until Buttons comes to live with us!

1 comment:

Boris Kitty said...

Dat so nice of u ta halp makin room fur u new sisfur!

Herz gonna lub libbn wif u!