Sunday, November 22, 2009

Toy Preparations

My new sister Buttons absolutely LOVES doggie toys. So this weekend Mom got all of my toys out and we inspected them. We wanted to be sure that they were all ready for when Buttons comes to live with us.

Do you think I have enough toys?

We sorted through the toys and we found some of them that needed surgeries. They had spots where their stuffings were coming out. So, Mom got out the sterile draping and we had toy surgery on my teddy bear, ice cream cone, and bunny rabbit.

The other toys and I watched from a ways back. We weren't sterile so we couldn't help with the surgeries.

After the surgeries, Mom decided that all of my toys needed to have baths. They were dirty from me playing with them. So, into the toy bathtub they went...

I wonder if squeaky toys hate baths as much as I do...

Then Mom and I had to wait for them to get washed. Seemed like it took forever! Here's how I helped...

After the toys got their baths in the washer, Mom learned two things...
  1. The little crab toy needed surgery before the bath but we missed it. Emergency surgery took place and the toy survived. We even got the squeaker back in there.
  2. Don't ever, ever wash the pink rope toy with the rest of the toys! It left pink strings stuck to ALL of the toys. What a mess!
When the toys were done in the washer, Mom put them in the dryer to get all of the water out of them.

Ta dah! Clean, fixed-up toys for me to share with Buttons! (Those ones in the back don't have chicky pox...they were just next to the pink rope that got all over stuff in the washer.)

Now Mom needs to get us a toy box...

Sadly, some of the toys weren't in very good shape and surgery wouldn't fix them. R.I.P. hippo, horsie, piggie, orange/green doggie bone, and pink doggie bone.

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Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Those toys shore does look nice after sterile surgery and washings even wif pink chicken pops! (The boy called them chicken pops when he was a puppeh.) Buttons will be so happy. My mom doesn't do sterile surgery - she just sutures them up and hopes they don't bleed to death in the wash machine like the pink rope did.