Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Buttons Went to the Vet

Mom said that Buttons went to the vet today. You know what her foster mom did? She made Buttons go pee-pee in a cup! Mom does that to me all the time. How rude! Poor Buttons.

Anyway, Mom said that Buttons has bacteria buggies in her pee-pee. She's gotta take antibiotic pills to get rid of the bacteria buggies. And she has other little buggies in her eyes so she has stuff for those, too.

Want to hear the strange part? Mom made me pee-pee in a cup yesterday and we found out that I'VE got bacteria buggies in my pee-pee right now, too! So my new sister and I both have the bacteria buggies at the same time and we're both taking pills for them. How strange is that?!

Buttons will be done with her pills when Mom and I get to meet her next week. My vet is making me take extra pills, though, so I'll still be on them then. Darn it!

Shawnee sent me some pictures of Buttons from her trip today. Here's a picture of Buttons's insides. Cool, huh? The vet said this picture shows that Buttons doesn't have any icky bladder stones or any problems with Arthur Itis (that guy makes my legs hurt).

Here's Buttons with her foster vet during her visit. Everyone at the foster vet's office had to say "bye bye" to Buttons when she left 'cause she won't go there anymore. She's gonna go to the same vet as me. Mom has even already gotten Buttons listed in our vet's computer.

And this picture is of Buttons in the car on the way to see the vet. Isn't she one of the cutest doggies you've ever seen? She's practically as cute as me! He he he.

I went to the groomer today (yuck!) so I'm at "optimum cuteness" as Mom calls it. You know what Mom did, though? She made an appointment for Buttons with our groomer. So the next time I have to go there, Buttons will go, too. I don't think we should tell Buttons that...unless she likes going to the groomer...

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Boris Kitty said...

herz iz almost az cute az u!!!!

I iz so happy fur Buttons ta be gettin a furever-n-ever home wif u. Herz iz one luck lil puppeh!