Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting into Stuff

Buttons has toy radar. She's found doggie toys that Mom forgot we had 'cause they were behind a chair or stuck in places like that. Today she found a squirrel toy that was on a chair, buried under stuff! She jumped onto the chair and dug until she pulled out that squirrel! She also tried to jump up on the side of the chair but it was way too high for her. Instead of making it onto the chair, Buttons landed in our water bowl and spilled water all over the place. Mom got her socks all wet 'cause of the water!

Anyway, Mom was worried that Buttons was gonna get hurt, so she emptied the stuff off of that chair. When it was cleaned off, Buttons decided to use the chair to survey for additional toys in the area.

The verdict? No additional toys, but there was some stuff behind the chair that Buttons decided she wanted to further investigate. Silly Buttons!

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