Monday, November 30, 2009

Meeting the Vet

Today Mom and I took Buttons to meet our doggie doctor. We wanted to introduce her 'cause she's part of our family now. If Buttons gets sick or something, it's important for the vet to know Buttons so they can make her all better again.

Buttons got scared in the car 'cause she didn't know where we were going. Mom was worried that maybe Buttons thought she was going to another house or something. Mom tried to give her extra pets and scratches on the trip.

When we got to the vet's office, Buttons and I were super hyper. We ran in circles around Mom and she got all tangled up in our leashes. She was SO embarrassed, but we just thought it was funny.

The doggie doctor looked at all the stuff from Buttons's other doctors and then she looked at Buttons, too. She said that Buttons has some dirty teeths and they'll need to be cleaned. But all the bacteria buggies that were in Buttons's eyes are gone now. And Buttons's heart and lungs sound great, whatever that means.

On our vet's scale, Buttons weighed 14.9 pounds. I suppose I shouldn't tell you that, though, 'cause it's not nice to tell other people your sister's weight. he he he

Magnets Are NOT Doggie Toys

Mom and I heard a funny noise in the kitchen tonight, so we went to investigate. You know what we saw? My new sister Buttons was trying to climb up our refrigerator! She had even knocked some stuff off of it. Mom has some stuffed M&M magnets on the fridge, and Buttons thought they were doggie toys. Buttons was on a mission to get to them.

Mom tried to explain to my sis that M&M magnets are not doggie toys, but I don't think Buttons believes her.

She's really putting on an innocent, "who, me?" face in that last picture. Don't fall for it...

Getting into Stuff

Buttons has toy radar. She's found doggie toys that Mom forgot we had 'cause they were behind a chair or stuck in places like that. Today she found a squirrel toy that was on a chair, buried under stuff! She jumped onto the chair and dug until she pulled out that squirrel! She also tried to jump up on the side of the chair but it was way too high for her. Instead of making it onto the chair, Buttons landed in our water bowl and spilled water all over the place. Mom got her socks all wet 'cause of the water!

Anyway, Mom was worried that Buttons was gonna get hurt, so she emptied the stuff off of that chair. When it was cleaned off, Buttons decided to use the chair to survey for additional toys in the area.

The verdict? No additional toys, but there was some stuff behind the chair that Buttons decided she wanted to further investigate. Silly Buttons!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buttons's Bed

Buttons's doggie bed is the perfect size for her. She's an exact fit in there. Her bed would be too big for me. And a doggie bigger than Buttons sure wouldn't fit. But it's just the right size for my sister!

Sometimes it's even hard to see her in there 'cause her bed is the same color as her fur. Mom says she's camouflaged. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm guessing it means "cute."

Sounds at Our House

This is what our house sounded like before Buttons came to live with us:
squeak, squeak
Things were pretty quiet. Now this is what our house sounds like since Buttons joined our family:
squeak, squeak, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, snore, slurp, slurp, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, rustle, slurp, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, slurp, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, snore, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, slurp, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, snore, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, piggy noises, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak
Little bit of a difference! Mom's laughing a lot, too, 'cause she says that Buttons is such a funny little girl. Not sure if I see the humor, but oh well...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Showing Buttons the Pond

This afternoon Mom and I showed Buttons the pond where we like to walk. I think Buttons had fun there, too. The geeses weren't there today but some ducks were quacking on the water.

I showed Buttons all of the best places to sniff when we're walking around the pond.

Um...Mom...I think Buttons is trying to eat some old goose poop here...

I was so proud of my new sister. She went and sniffed this tree on her own!

This is a very important place to sniff because it's the "Dog Station." I think that sign means we're supposed to potty there.

Here are some pictures of Buttons and I walking around the pond. You'll note that I'm the one in the lead most of the time...

I think we wore Buttons out when we were walking around the pond. Here's what she did when we got back home.

That's one tired Buttons doggie!

Lazy Doggie Saturday

I was a little worried last night 'cause Buttons went and hid under Mom's bed again when it was night-night time. I figured that Buttons was going to keep us awake all night long again. But Buttons didn't stay under Mom's bed for very long, and eventually she actually went night-night in her own doggie bed! That's right...Buttons went night-night last night! She didn't stay up all night squeaking toys and stuff. Mom says that maybe Buttons is more comfortable in her new house now.

Buttons and I let Mom sleep in this morning, too. We didn't wake her up super early like yesterday. I decided that today should be a lazy day for us. So here's how I'm spending the morning...

Buttons was snoozing on the couch, too, until Mom took that picture of me. Then Buttons woke up. Mom tried to scoot her over, too, 'cause she was afraid Buttons was going to fall off the couch. (Her booty was starting to hang over the side.)

Buttons didn't stay on the couch after she woke up. You know what Buttons does when she's awake...squeaky TOY time!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Napping on the Couch

Buttons and I were both napping on the couch this afternoon when Mom decided to bug us yet again with her silly camera. She said that we were too cute to resist. So here are a bunch of cutie pie pics...

Isn't the cuteness here just too much?!

Buttons and the Ducky

So you know that Buttons is a toy maniac, right? Just look at her playing with a ducky that she got out of our toy box!

Mail for Buttons and Me

Guess what! Today is Buttons's very first full day in our family, and she and I got mail! How cool is that?! A package came in the mail that's addressed to Buttons and me both!

It's from my friend Boris Kitty from Twitter! He knows Shawnee, too, so he knew all about Buttons coming to live with me. He even wrote about Buttons on his blog! Here's a picture of me telling Mom to put the camera down and help us open our package!

Buttons dove right into that package. She was really excited!

Buttons started playing with the monkey toy before Mom could even take the package off of it! (She really likes getting mail, I think!) Boris Kitty sent us two toys and some bandannas and some COOKIES and even a calendar magnet. How cool is that?!

Thanks, Boris Kitty!

Who Tipped the Toy Box?

Somebody tipped over our toy box today and all of the toys were dumped out on the floor. Hmmm...I wonder who it could have been...

I think I see a fluffy white tail sticking out behind that tipped-over toy box. Hmmm...MY tail is black!

And someone is sure interested in checking out the scene of the crime...

I think maybe my new sister Buttons is acting a little too innocent here...

Buttons Has Arrived!

Mom and I went to pick up my new sister Buttons last night! We drove a ways in our car and we picked up Mom's friend Ronda and her doggie Molly. Then all four of us went to go meet Shawnee, Shawnee's Mom, and Buttons! It was a ways farther in our car, but we got there.

I was pretty scared at first 'cause there were a LOT of doggies and a couple of 'em were barking. It was really super cold, too. Shawnee was shivering, so Shawnee's Mom put her back in their car so she'd be warm. Poor Shawnee, though...her Mom gave Buttons and I some chicky stuff while Shawnee was locked in the car. We ate it allll gone before we thought about her not getting any. Oops! Sorry, Shawnee!

Here's a pic of Mom holding my new sissy and me! Buttons and I were both a little scared, so this was the only way to get a picture of both of us together when we first met each other.

We put all of Buttons's toys in our car and put her beds in there, too. Then we said bye-bye to Shawnee and Shawnee's Mom and we started to drive back home. We dropped Ronda and Molly off at their house, then we drove to our house.

Buttons investigated everything when we got home. She helped Mom unpack her toys and stuff, too. I supervised, of course.

Buttons played with all of the toys last night. I think she had fun. Shawnee's Mom packed a can of yummy, yummy stuff called "Thanksgiving Dinner" for Buttons and I to share. We chowed down on that stuff. It was SO good!

Here's a pic of Buttons and I hanging out on the couch last night.

Buttons didn't want to go night-night last night, though. She was up all night long. Mom said that she was probably just nervous. What a night! Buttons even went hiding under Mom's bed. So silly! Mom and I napped a little today to try to recover.

This afternoon I showed Buttons our normal route for our walks. That was fun. Mom said that tomorrow we'll show Buttons the pond. Now it's time for me to nap again, but Buttons is back to digging in the toy box! She sure loves those toys.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Buttons Is Getting Ready, Too

I've shown you all the ways that Mom and I are getting ready for my new sister Buttons, but did you know that Buttons is getting ready for us, too? Today, she got a bath. I hate those things! Poor Buttons! Oh, wait a minute...I hope Mom doesn't plan on making ME take a bath before I meet HER!

And Buttons and Shawnee had to start packing their suitcase for their long drive, too! And with Buttons moving here, that meant even more stuff to pack.

Shawnee wrote about their trip on her blog. Check it out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Stuff

Mom got some new stuff today to help us get ready for Buttons. In the mail, we got a princess ID tag for Buttons. It matches my princess tag. Mine says "Lexi" on the back and Buttons's says "Buttons" on it! Here's what they look like. Mine's attached to my necklace. We don't have a necklace for Buttons yet 'cause Buttons has that with her at her foster home.

Mom also got a toy box tonight for all of our doggie toys! I inspected it. It'll work o.k. for me, I think. Mom says it's just like the one that Buttons is using now, only with shorter sides. That's good, though, 'cause Buttons and I are little doggies.

Toy box checks out o.k. in my opinion...

And here's the new office that Mom got for my new sister. One little problem though...Mom couldn't figure out how to set it up. Heck, she had trouble just getting it out of the box! It was pretty funny. She finally gave up. Don't worry, Buttons...Mom'll get it set up and then put lots of comfy blankies in there.

I think we're just about ready for my new sister now!