Friday, November 27, 2009

Mail for Buttons and Me

Guess what! Today is Buttons's very first full day in our family, and she and I got mail! How cool is that?! A package came in the mail that's addressed to Buttons and me both!

It's from my friend Boris Kitty from Twitter! He knows Shawnee, too, so he knew all about Buttons coming to live with me. He even wrote about Buttons on his blog! Here's a picture of me telling Mom to put the camera down and help us open our package!

Buttons dove right into that package. She was really excited!

Buttons started playing with the monkey toy before Mom could even take the package off of it! (She really likes getting mail, I think!) Boris Kitty sent us two toys and some bandannas and some COOKIES and even a calendar magnet. How cool is that?!

Thanks, Boris Kitty!


LouPeb said...

That is pawsome!!! So nice of @boriskitty! Perfect timing too! woohooooooo

Boris Kitty said... glads u two did gets da box taday. Looks like buttons do be lubbin da monkey toy!

dunt u looks cute in u bandaners!

enjoys da cookies.