Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chicken Stuff

Mom started giving me some FreshPet chicken stuff last week. It is super-duper yummy, too. She found out about it from my friend Shawnee on Twitter.

Mom usually gives me some of the chicken stuff in the morning and some at night. Tonight, I was afraid she was going to forget to give me some, so I started bugging her about it. I growled at her and pawed at her until she finally figured out that it was time for my chicken stuff! I'm glad I didn't have to take any measures more drastic than that. I tried to get her to give me more chicken stuff after I ate the first round but she refused. She told me to eat my stupid doggie food. Can't blame me for trying!

You know, it's weird that Mom's not trying to give me all of those pills she used to give me. Used to be I'd have some in the morning and some at night -- right around the same times as when I get the chicken stuff now. Very strange. Maybe I just don't need those pills anymore! don't think she's hiding the pills in the chicken stuff, do you?

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Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wot's this? You get it morning AND night??? Foster dog Buttons used to get the chicken stuff every night until the rest of us put our paws down and demanded we get some too. I can tell you for shore, there woz no medicines or pills in mine. But now we only get it every other night. Wassup with that? Watch your mom so she does not start holding out on you like mine is doing. Yeah, the grrrring and pawing, that is good. Stick with that.