Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was really tired when we were driving home from Grandma and Grandpa's house tonight. I had the coolest dream, though. I'm mad at Hossy for trying to steal my Mom from me (read the post below...) so I had a dream that I was in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard and I was going potty over the top of every single one of Hossy's spots! That was a wonderful dream.

The funny thing is that I was sleeping on Mom's lap when we were driving home...and I actually did potty in my sleep! Yep...I peed on Mom's leg in the car!


Hossy is Mean!

Mom and I went to go see Grandma and Grandpa today. I was really excited to see Hossy. But you know what he did today? Hossy tried to steal my Mom!

Hossy kept budging in when Mom was petting me. He kept playing with her and with that silly Kong of his. He acted like she was his Mom and not mine! I got so upset with him.

He can't have her!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Win!

I think I won the battle of that nasty non-chicken-tasting medicine. Mom hasn't been trying to squirt it in my mouth! Last night and this morning she actually gave me some pieces of lunch meat, too. YUM. I love meat. Of course there was a little crunch when I ate once piece of meat last night and again this morning. I wonder if she slipped a pill in there. Oh, well. It's still better than having to taste that other nasty medicine!

She's still giving me that yummy rice, too. I think it's got some of that yogurt stuff in it, but I don't care 'cause it tastes so good.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Puppy Poetry: That Icky Medicine!

My medicine is really gross.
I wouldn't lie to you.
I always try to spit it out...
That nasty, nasty goo!

I don't believe my mom
(She says it tastes like chicken).
It's supposed to make me better...
But it only serves to sicken!

Battles Continue

My mom rudely held my mouth shut this morning after she poked that nasty, liquid, non-chicken-tasting medicine in there! I held my ground, though, and still managed to spit some out at her. Got her PJs this time, and her arm, too. And splattered another spot on the carpet.

Sadly, I probably did the most damage to myself because it got all over my little chin. Now I smell that like that nasty, icky stuff! And I'm telling don't taste like chicken.

I did win a small battle this morning, however, when Mom took me outside to walk before she went to work. I presented her with a lovely pile of super-runny poo. That'll teach her to not give me the gross medicine!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Medicine War: Day Two

The war wages on...Mom keeps trying to stick that stupid medicine down my throat and I keep trying to spit it out. We've battled several times now, but it's too early to declare a winner. I've been forced to swallow some medicine, but I've also managed to splatter:
  • the wall (twice)
  • Mom
  • Mom's shirt
  • the carpet
  • my food mat
  • my doggie bed
  • another spot on the carpet
  • and my chin.
And let me tell you...the medicine may smell like doggie food, but it sure don't taste like chicken...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

YUCKY Medicine!

Mom got some new medicine for me. She said that it's the same as the other medicine for the bacteria buggies, but it's just liquid instead of a pill. I guess she wasn't happy with the fact that I've been refusing to take the pills.

Mom said that the stuff is supposed to taste like chicken for me, too. WRONG. She squirted that gross stuff in my mouth and I nearly died. So icky! It was completely not what I expected. I kept trying to spit it out, but couldn't. Got some of it on the carpet, and some on my chin, but I had to eat the rest of the nasty, nasty stuff. I let Mom know just how I felt about it. I ran across the living room, trying to spit it out and wipe my face on the carpet at the same time.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Ouchy Tummy

This morning I was laughing about how the medicine for the bacteria buggies made my poo-poo all runny. It was funny 'cause you should see Mom try to pick that up outside. Anyway, I'm not laughing now -- my tummy really started to bother me tonight. I'm not feeling so good anymore.

Mom said she'd get me some of that yogurt stuff tomorrow. The doggie doctor told her to give me some of that last time 'cause it has good bacteria buggies in it for my tummy...or something like that. And she said she'd make me some hamburger and rice, too. I don't feel like eatin' anything now, though. I'm going to bed.

Umbrellas and Poop Bags

I woke Mom up early today 'cause I wanted to go outside. She turned on the TV to see what the temperature was outside, and she told me that the radar on the TV said it was raining out there. So when she took me out, she grabbed our umbrella thing.

But it wasn't raining! Mom looked at the TV but she didn't look out the window! How funny. She's so silly.

And 'cause she's not used to carrying the umbrella with her, she accidently dropped the empty poop bag. So she wouldn't let me do my thing until we walked all of the way back and found it. I can laugh at that now...but at the time I really had to go!

She was all worried that I'd poop before she found the bag. Just to make up for her making me wait, I pooped twice! I'm on that medicine for the bacteria buggies, so believe me when I say the poop wasn't pretty, either. You should have seen her trying to juggle the keys, the poop, the bag, and the umbrella!

And it actually started sprinkling on us when we were walking back up the sidewalk to our house. How ironic!

Lazy Weekends Rock

Know what Mom and I did yesterday? Nothing! She and I were lazy all day and just watched TV and napped. So cool! I'm really liking this "Mom's done with school" stuff. Mom even played with me yesterday instead of getting after me for buggin' her 'cause she had to do homework. This rocks!

On Saturday we didn't have a lazy day, but it was still a good one. We went to go see Grandma, Grandpa, and Hossy! I love playing in their backyard. I walked all over it all by myself. Didn't even pay any attention to where Mom was. I was having too much fun! There's so much stuff to sniff.

Uncle Marty was a little mean. You know what he did to me? He kept meowing at me and saying "here, kitty kitty." How rude! I'm a little doggie, not a horrible cat! So, just to get back at him, I pooped a couple of times in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard...right before he went out to mow it! he he he!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mom's DONE with School!!!

Tonight Mom had her very last class. That means that she's all done with her special college stuff and she has her big degree thing! I'm so happy 'cause Mom will have more time for me now. She won't be doing school stuff all of the time. More stay home nights for us! YEAH!


My worst fears were confirmed. Mom took me to the vet this morning and she LEFT ME THERE! She's so mean.

The good news is that they didn't poke me with anything. They just took some special pictures of my tummy. X-rays or y-rays or w-rays or something like that. They were looking to see if any of those nasty bladder stones came back -- the bacteria buggies love those, I guess. But the special pictures didn't show any. Yeah! No bladder stones! That means that I just gotta take those pills for the bacterias. If I had stones, I'd have to have surgery again. That's the worst!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Have a Problem...

Oh, no...

Mom put my food and water away. She never does that unless she's taking me to the doggie doctor. This is NOT a good sign.

Sick Again

I haven't felt good lately, but I tried to hide it from Mom 'cause I didn't want to spoil our graduation stuff. I guess she knew somehow, though. (I've GOT to figure out how she does that!) This morning she chased me around outside with a little cup and tried to get me to go potty in it. I, of course, made it difficult for her 'cause I think that's just silly.

So Mom took the pee-pee to the doggie doctor and guess what... Those stupid bacteria buggies are back! Stupid bacterias. Mom got more pills for me to take. I hope these don't make my tummy hurt like the other ones did the last time I had the bacteria buggies. That sure wasn't fun.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

All Dressed Up

Here are some pictures of Mom and I in our graduation outfits! Mom's was blue but mine was black. The gown was o.k., but I sure didn't like that hat...

While Mom was looking at the pictures on the camera, I took the opportunity to check out Grandma Pat's yard. Found a good spot...obviously...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation Day!

We graduated today! Well, Mom graduated...but she said that I also put in a lot of work so I should get to graduate, too. She even got me a special graduation outfit like hers.

And because Mom thought I should celebrate today, too, she gave me some new bling....a new tag for my collar! I used to have a blue tag shaped like a doggie bone. The new tag is a pink heart and it says "Princess" on the front and has my name on the back. It's really cool. Much more girlie than my old tag. Oh -- Mom also gave me a special squeaky toy thats a loofah doggie in a graduation outfit. Squeaky toys rock!

We started our graduation day out really early. Grandma Cindy, Grandpa Marion, Aunt Katie, Uncle Barton, and Aunt Ginny all came down to see Mom and I. Grandpa and Uncle Barton stayed here with me while the girls went to Mom's graduation ceremony. I spent some time on Uncle Barton's lap, but I was too tired so I went to my crate to nap.

After the graduation, everybody came back to our house for a while and then we all went to see Grandma Pat. She had a party for Mom. I had fun there 'cause I was the only doggie and everybody wanted to pet me. I was really scared, though, that somebody was gonna step on me. I'm a very little doggie, you know!

Mom and I took some pictures together in our graduation outfits. I'll probably post them tomorrow. Mom said she's too tired to help me get 'em off of the camera tonight.

And speaking of tired...I need to go to bed myself...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Redecorating during the Storm

We were under attack last night by that nasty thunder and lighting stuff. I kept trying to wake Mom up to warn her, but she just wouldn't get up. I couldn't believe it. So, I did some redecorating in our bedroom and bathroom. I thought maybe that would get her up. It's worked before. Not this time.

Here's what I did...
  • I took a few towels out of the closet.
  • And I moved Mom's bathrobe from the closet to the rocking chair.
  • Then I pulled a bag of M&M toys out of the closet.
  • A purse of Mom's went from the closet to the bathroom sink.
  • And I moved a bag of magazines and stuff out of the closet.
  • Then I went into the bathroom and took the small package of toilet paper and put it by the door.
  • I moved the big, 6-pack of double-rolls of toilet paper over to the door, too.
  • And I couldn't get the bag of magazines out of the bathroom, but I did manage to shred the bag while trying.

I was pretty busy. I still can't believe Mom didn't wake up. She was sure surprised this morning, though!

Stupid thunder.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just Visiting

Mom and I went to go visit Grandma and Grandpa yesterday. Mom said that it was Mother's Day and that we were going to go help Grandma Cindy with some stuff.

I was SO excited when I got to that nice, big backyard. I ran and ran in circles out there. It was so much fun! Uncle Marty had mowed, too, so there were lots of grass clippings for me to roll in. Mom hates it when I do that, but it's pretty fun in my opinion.

Grandpa Marion kept picking me up and carrying me around. I have no idea why he does that. One time he actually held me backwards and was acting like my booty was my head. Weird!

My Hoss Dog Buddy came by in the evening. He wasn't there for most of the day. I did get to play with him some, though. He's so silly with that Kong of his -- he has to have that thing in his mouth every time he runs around outside.

Mom and I even went out and visited with Great Grandma Thompson yesterday, too. She has a really nice rug in her living room that I spent some time napping on. Very cool.

The only downside to the day was when Mom was planting some flowers for Grandma Cindy. You know what she did to me??? She hooked my leash to the swing in the yard and then put the other end on my collar. How rude! I'm supposed to be able to run free at Grandma and Grandpa's house! Stupid leash.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Yummy in My Tummy

Mom's friend Karen came over again last night and she brought a CHEESEBURGER! Mom couldn't figure out why I didn't want to go potty outside. I hadn't been outside since the morning. Doesn't take a rocket scientist, though -- the cheeseburger was inside! I sat and stared at Karen and her cheeseburger until she gave me a little piece of it. YUM. I was trying to get more when Mom rudely came over and picked me up and made me go outside to potty. I tried to hurry outside (refused to go for a walk), but the cheeseburger was gone when I came back inside. What a bummer!

Mom gave me some Cheetos later in the evening. That was pretty cool, too. I love Cheetos. Cheeseburgers are still much, much yummier...but those Cheetos were better than eating my doggie food!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

They Mowed the Grass!

They mowed the grass by our house yesterday so now I don't feel like I'm walking through the jungle when I'm looking for a spot to potty! It's hard to hike your leg on a clump of grass when it's taller than you are. Don't get me wrong -- I can still get the job done. I just have trouble hitting the right spot in that clump of grass. More likely to get some pee-pee on my belly that way, too.

I was over by the pond yesterday when I found a really good smell to sniff. It was in a spot with lots of grass clippings. I decided to take some of that smell back home with me, so I started to roll around in the grass and wipe my face and ears in it, too. Mom was not amused. She had the nerve to yell at me for it. I suppose she didn't like the fact that I ended up with grass all over me. I enjoyed it, though.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Clean Sweep!

Mom's friend Karen came over today and you know what she and Mom did? They cleaned our house! I've got all sorts of more room now to play in here. I can run away from Mom easier when she tries to give me my medicine or put my leash on me. She's having trouble catching me now! I can get up on the couch now, too. I was hangin' out there this afternoon. That rocked.

And Karen was really nice. She talked to me lots and lots. That was pretty cool.

I did get a little overly excited when they were cleaning and sweeping, though. The vacuum was a little scary. I may or may not have piddled on the carpet...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Not a Guard Dog

Mom took me outside tonight to potty and guess what happened when we came back inside... The door lock broke! The key got all stuck inside the lock and Mom couldn't get the key out.

Mom decided that we needed to fix the lock 'cause I'm probably not a good guard dog. My cousin Hoss would be, though. He's huge and he can really bark. Me? I'm tiny and only yip occasionally. Not good guard dog material. My job is just to look cute, I think.

So, Mom and I went for a ride to the store to get a new lock. She said she wasn't going to leave me home 'cause the door wasn't locked. Mom said that stuff is replaceable, but cute little doggies like me aren't! I have to agree with her on that.

And the good news is that Mom got the door lock fixed tonight. So I can just go back to being cute and not worrying about that guard dog job. Whew!