Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh, No! We've Got Snow!

When Mom took me outside this morning I sure got a shock. It snowed last night! I'm not ready for winter. I wish we could just skip it.

Walking in the snow makes my poor little paws freeze. Snow gets packed in between the pads in my paws, too, and that really hurts.

The worst part about the snow, though, is that it covers up all of the good smells outside. I try to sniff stuff, but the snow's on top of it and that just ruins everything. If I get really close to try to sniff, you know what happens? I get snow up my nose! That hurts. Talk about a brain freeze!

Monday, December 3, 2007

She's Gone!

I've been looking all over the house, but I can't find Knee. I don't think she's here tonight. That means that it's back to just Mom and I. I'm the big dog around here again (literally and figuratively)!!! I'm the boss again! Woo hoo!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Puppy Poetry: The Trials of Being Little

It’s hard to be a little hound
You’re very near to the ground.

Everything you see is tall
When you’re very, very small.

When it rains your belly gets wet.
It’s hard to be a little pet.

The ground gets hot when its sunny.
And I’m so close to it that that ain’t funny.

In winter your belly really gets chilly
I’d wear a coat, but that looks silly.

Ice and snow and even sleet
Sure do freeze my little legs and feet.

But slipping on the ice isn’t bad at all
‘Cause little doggies don’t have far to fall!


Winter arrived today. We had freezing rain, rain, and ice this morning and it's sure cold out now. We're at Knee's house, just hanging out. The deck is all solid ice, though. It was pretty hard for Knee and I to get out to the yard to potty. Slippery!