Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Puppy Poetry: Home Alone

As I sit here, watching QVC
I wonder where my Mom could be.

Is she gone for work or play?
When’s she coming home today?

I sure miss her when she’s away.
But I know it’ll be o.k.

Soon she’ll come home to me.
Until then I’ll just watch TV.

Pets on Parade

Pets in costume. People have a range of opinions on whether or not to dress up their pets for Halloween, but has anyone ever gotten the pet’s point of view? Probably not.

Here’s my take on it: I get extra treats. I get extra attention. It makes Mom happy. So, costumes aren’t so bad. It’s only once a year, and I don’t have to wear the costume that often. Why not take advantage of the attention and treats? I can’t really stand hats, and I voice my displeasure, but the rest is o.k.

I’ll do just about anything to get extra cookies. Bring on the “trick or treat” treats!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Pond

Woo Hoo! I got to go for a walk around the pond tonight. I love the pond! There's a sidewalk all of the way around it, so I only have to walk in the grass if I want to sniff a tree. There are SO many trees around the pond -- I get some really good sniffing action going on. Tons of smells to sniff and places to pee. I like to wipe my feet all over, too, just so the other doggies know that I was there.

I had a little accident in my office today. Mom couldn't have been too upset, though, if she took me to the pond. I think she knows that I'm not feeling the best yet. My mouth still hurts. I tried and tried and tried tonight to munch on a chew stick, but it hurt too much. Bummer. I tried some of my crunchy doggie food, too, 'cause I was hungry, but it hurt, too. I gave up. Good thing I gave up when I did -- Mom saw me trying to eat and she gave me some more of that yummy doggie food from the can! That stuff rocks.

Friday, October 26, 2007

What in the World?!

I don't understand what's been going on. Mom hasn't given me ANY cookies when we went to bed for the last two nights! She hasn't let me eat breakfast in the morning, either. Yesterday, I was excited because I got to go for a ride in the morning...but then I realized we were going to the doggie doctor! She left me there ALL DAY!!! It was terrible. They poked me and prodded me. I was so happy to see Mom when she came back...but then today she left me there all day long again! I don't remember much from today for some reason. My mouth really hurts, though. It's a good thing that I've got some soft doggie food. I'm so very, very sleepy, too. I need to go take a nap...

Editor's note: Lexi had to go to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. There was a problem with her blood work, so the dental work was postponed. She went back the next day and ended up having to have five teeth pulled.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Puppy Poetry on My Favorite Thing

A cookie is a lovely treat
I like so very much to eat.
But cookies for me aren’t anything sweet.
I prefer mine made with meat!

Veggies are always such a bore,
And something that I really abhor,
But meat’s sure something I can’t ignore
Because I’m such a carnivore!

I’m sure other doggies won’t debate
That meat’s sure something that is great.
But my cravings for meat just won’t abate.
And now I have trouble with my weight…

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Howling Good Time

Mom took me to the PetSmart Howl-o-ween party tonight. It was pretty cool. We stood in a long, long line and had our picture taken. Then we went on a costume parade around the store. I did get sorta bored, though. We stood around a lot and waited. There were a TON of other doggies there, too. Some were a little too friendly, if you ask me. There are only so many times I can stand having another doggie sniff my rear in one night. I hid behind Mom a lot.

Everyone loved my costume, though. Mom dressed me as a chicken. She kept telling people that I'm scared all of the time, so a chicken outfit was perfect. She even told a few people that I'm a chicken all of the time, but I was just in costume tonight. I was so embarrassed! (I can't stand that chicken hat, by the way. It really bugs me!)

I wish we would have been able to play some doggie games or something at the party. I would SO love to "bob for hot dogs!" Good thing Mom took some cookies with us -- they didn't have any food for doggies...only cookies for people (which wasn't fair!).

I was so tired by the time we left that I could barely make it to the car. I just flopped on the seat on the drive home.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh, No! Not the Bathtub!!!

Oh, what a terrible evening! Not only is it raining outside again, but Mom made me take a bath tonight, too! I'm o.k. with smelling like a fact, I am a dog! Why should I smell like shampoo?! That's just nuts.
Here's my "get me out of this bathtub!" photo. I can't believe Mom actually took a picture of me in the tub. How embarrassing...

Watching My TV

QVC rocks. You can order anything at all, right from your TV! I was enjoying a program this evening all about tummy-control underwear. Not at all practical for a doggie, but the saleswomen were sure doing a good job. I always prefer the pet product shows, of course, to women’s fashion. I don’t have much say in what I watch on my TV, though. I can’t reach the remote.

Mom turns on QVC in my office for me when she leaves. Sometimes I wish I could watch something else, but QVC is o.k. Daytime TV just hasn’t been the same since Bob Barker retired.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Geez, it's windy outside today! I was a little doggie kite on my walk this afternoon. It's sure hard to walk on a windy day when you only weigh 10 lbs. The wind gusts kept making me walk sideways.

The leaf projectiles were absolutely terrible today, too. Hundreds of leaves were flying right at me -- I was terrified! I did sort of get some revenge on the leaf community, though. I peed on a few of them...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Leaf Me Alone

Leaves. I hear they're beautiful this time of year. I must say, though, that they're just a pain in the paw for me.

Who wants to walk through those things?! My little paws poke right through the dry ones, and you have no idea what you're stepping on beneath them. The sharp parts hurt. The ones that aren't all dried out are just slippery and wet, which makes my paws all wet, too. Yuck!

The worst part, by far, however, is the danger when it's windy outside. Those leaves turn into deadly projectiles! They just FLY across the parking lot. It's terrifying! Sure they're not so much of a problem for people -- you're more than a few inches off of the ground. Imagine something the size of your head flying right at YOU, though! How scary is that?!

I can't wait until these silly things are all gone.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ode to the Squeaky Toy

It’s time to let my creative side out. Here’s some puppy poetry…

Ode to the Squeaky Toy

It sits on the floor so quietly,
But the toy senses its doom.
Suddenly I pounce
And fling it across the room!

Just as soon as it’s landed
I attack a second time.
I growl and chew and fling again.
Oh, the joy is so sublime!

I shake my head about
With a firm hold on the toy.
Then I start to chew
And that’s what I most enjoy!

I chomp with my little teeth,
Through the soft fabric plush,
Until I find that squeaker
Then oh, what a rush!

I chew and squeak
Then squeak some more.
The room’s soon filled
With squeaks galore!

But then the moment passes.
The toy goes back to the floor
For I’m such a busy doggie
With lots and lots to explore!

But I’ll be back again in no time.
There’s a draw that you can’t destroy.
I certainly have a weakness
For a great squeaky toy!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I don’t like being wet. I really hate it when it rains outside, too. My belly always gets wet. When you’re this low to the ground, you just get soaked all over. Of course we had some storms last night so everything was drenched (including me!) when I went out for my morning walk. The smells just aren’t as good when it’s wet out, either, and I don’t like accidentally sticking my nose in puddles!

You know how you hate that “wet dog” smell? Try BEING the wet dog and smelling yourself!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's So Hard to be a Doggie

The title "Life is Ruff" really says it all. I'm a dog. It's not so easy being a dog, either. No, I don't have to worry about going to work or school, but I have my own problems and issues to deal with. There's an entire doggie-culture out there that humans just have no idea even exists. It's very complex. And when you're only a little 10 lb Shih Tzu, things can really be stressful. Just imagine viewing the world with legs that are only five inches long!

So many people think of dogs as unintelligent animals. We can be pretty smart, though, and we're SO much more than just "animals." I'm out to build awareness. Stay tuned...