Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mail from Las Vegas!

Guess what... Today the mailman brought me TWO postcards! Isn't that cool? They were both from my friend Smokey from Twitter.

Smokey is a poodle doggy and he lives far away in a place called Las Vegas, Nevada. Mom really, really likes that place because there's a big store there that only sells M&M stuff. And if you know my Mom, you know she looooves that M&M stuff. Our entire house is full of it! She went to that store once, but it was way back before she adopted me. So that was like 49 years ago (in dog years, of course).

Anyway, Smokey's dad went to get a postcard for Smokey to send to me and you know what he did? He took a picture of that store for my Mom. Cool, huh? Here's the picture he took:

Mom was pretty excited to see that picture. (Silly, Mom!) Now on to something more exciting (in my opinion, of course, and not Mom's)... Here is a picture of me with my TWO postcards from Smokey!

I gave 'em both a really good sniff. Had to check out my mail!

One of the postcards said "Las Vegas" on it and it had a picture of the city at night. The other one had M&M men on it and it said "M&M World." That's the name of the store that Mom likes there.

So I checked out my mail, but then all of the sudden I realized that one of my postcards was missing. I only have ONE postcard from Smokey and not two! I looked and looked...

Looked all over, but I couldn't find the postcard. Now there's only one person who could have stolen my M&M World postcard. That's my Mom. So to her I say, "GIVE ME BACK MY POSTCARD, you M&M thief!"

Yes, my Mom's in big trouble...

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