Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Weekend

I love weekends. They're usually stay-home days for Mom and I...and this weekend was a perfect stay-home weekend with lots of Mom-time for me!

We practiced our napping skills all day on Saturday. Mom's still getting over that flu bug, so she was really super tired. I didn't mind, though, 'cause I'm a super napper.

We went for a walk around our pond, too. That was awesome because we haven't done that since Mom got her flu bug. I walked slow, just to take it easy on her. I was really excited, though, to check out my pond smells.

And Saturday night, do you know where Mom and I went? To the doggie store! We had to go buy some cookies, so off to the store we went. I love to go shopping. A doggie at the store tried to eat me, so that put a damper on the trip. Mom let me wander around and sniff, though, and that's always a good thing.

Got to ride in the car on Sunday, too. Mom said that doggies weren't allowed in the grocery store, though, so I had to wait in the car. I wasn't too thrilled about that. I guess that was partly my fault, though, 'cause Mom tried to get me to stay at home. I insisted on going with her and threw a little fit. She caved, of course. But then I ended up sitting in the car at the store. She wasn't gone very long, and then she got me some French fries after the grocery store. That made everything fine by me!

So it was a great weekend for Mom and I. I just wish she didn't have to go back to work tomorrow...

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Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Awww. That woz nice togedder time wif you mom. Sorry bout those pawty pooper dawgs at the store. Glad you mom is feeling better. That floo bug is no funs.

To answer your kwestshuns on my bloggie, all the udder dogs there at the top of the werld was jellus bout my no-huntin-me vest and their moms all wanted to knows where my mom buyed mine. So I think they is all going shopping for orange vests now. They thought it woz very kewl. Mebbe I is starting a trend. We did see some udder dogs on the trails wif vests like mine. And the little teeny dog was getting carried lots so no worries there! He did has a ride.