Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Prize Just for Me!

At the PawPawty this month, I played some of the quizzes and I actually won prizes! I've never won anything before, but this month I won twice. I couldn't believe it!

One of my PawPawty prizes was a special prize from one of my friends on Twitter. How cool is that?! Monte had his Mom go shopping to pick something out JUST for me. Wasn't that nice of them to donate a prize like that? Monte said that he was happy that a doggie won 'cause he wouldn't have known what to get for a bunny or guinea pig or kitty! (I thought that was pretty funny.)

Anyway, today the mailman delivered my special prize from Monte. I was so excited when it came! I had to give the box a really good sniff.

There was a bag inside the box. I had to give it a good sniff, too. And the inside of the box. This was my very first package in the mail, so I had to check everything out really good.

LOOK at all of this loot that was in the bag! There was a cute card from Monte and a rope toy and a squirrel squeaky toy and a cute pink jacket! In this picture I'm saying, "This stuff is for ME, Mom, and not for you. Don't you think about stealing it!"

I was so excited about that squirrel that I grabbed it and started playing with it before Mom could even take the packaging off of it!

Here's me carting off the squirrel 'cause I didn't want Mom to take it from me...

Look at how far I flung the squirrel! OK, so maybe it's not that far...and maybe I started to fling it but got scared when the package hit me in the head and I ran from it...

Here's a picture of the cool jacket Monte's Mom picked out just for me. Isn't it adorable? It's just a little too small for me but Mom says it's gonna fit perfect after we go on our diets. (Um...I didn't sign up for a diet!!!)

The jacket is super-duper cute. I sorta got my head stuck in the hood for a while, though, and that freaked me out a little. Mom had to help me rescue my head...after she took a picture of it...

So Mom took the package off of my new squirrel after she helped me rescue my head from the jacket hood. Here's a picture of me with my new squirrel. He posed so well! I've played with him all day, so he's my buddy now.

Thanks, Monte and Monte's Mom! This was such an awesome prize. I love it! You're the best!


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wot grate pwizes you got Lexi-Lou! It is the bestest fun winning pwizes and getting mails and you gotted some pawsome stuffs!

LouPeb said...

Pawsome! Congrats on your first pawpawty prize! Woohoooo!
Isn't pawpawty just great? :o)
ahhhh I still remember when I got my first prize...