Friday, October 9, 2009

Do I NEED a Snuggie?!

Mom says to me, "It gets cold in our house in the winter. The floor is drafty, and I'm sure you get cold since you're so little."

Um...I've got fur and blankies!

Apparently, though, fur and blankies don't matter to Mom. Today she bought me a SNUGGIE. That's right. A Snuggie. They make them for doggies now and she just haaad to get on that bandwagon. Geez.

It's official. My Mom is nuts.


FigaroRascal said...

OMD after I saw your new snuggie I totally saw doggie snuggies in the walgreen's window on my walk! Hmmm....

Betsy said...

Well, it is pink and it looks warm. BOL

Betsy said...

Betsy is Georgia Brown. :o)