Sunday, October 18, 2009

Walkin' in the Park

Mom had a cool surprise for me today. We went to the big park again! That's one of my favorite places. Of course I thought we were going to the groomer 'cause it's the same direction. But when Mom turned our car at a certain corner, I knew where we were heading. I was SO excited by the time that we got to the parking lot that Mom said I was hurting her ears with all of my yipping and whining. Sorry...but I was excited and she wasn't moving fast enough!

I ran in circles when we got out of the car. If you were at this park you'd do the same thing. It's such a cool place! There were a bazillion other doggies at the park today. I'm sure they were just as excited as I was.

Today Mom tooked our camera so that I could show you some of the stuff at my big park. Here's the big sign by the parking lot. Mom said you might want to know what park this is. I think that's silly 'cause it's the big park and everyone should know that. But, oh well. Here's the sign. I think it says, "The Big, Cool Park" on it.

Here's me walking over a bridge. We don't usually go this way 'cause it's a lot longer and I get tired. (My legs are pretty little...) We used to go this way lots, but Mom said we've both had too many cookies to walk this way now. Anyway, we walked a little way this direction and then turned around.

There's a HUGE bunny rabbit statue at the park. Mom tried to take a picture of me sitting with the bunny, but I was too excited to sit there. (Sorry, Mom.)

I got a little tired 'cause the sun was so shiny today and we were walking more than we usually do. Had to sit and rest for a bit.

Here's a picture of me admiring one of the statues. Mom says there are lots of statues at the park for the humans to enjoy. I don't usually pay attention to 'em 'cause there's so much other stuff there for doggies to sniff and check out.

I love this sign 'cause there are always great sniffs on it. I think the humans put it there as a sort of porta potty for dogs. I mean, it's a post with a picture of a doggie on it. Doesn't that just scream "pee on me!"?

Here's me with another statue. I was trying to figure out what was takin' Mom so long. She was taking too much time fiddling with the camera and not enough time walking!

This is a sign with a map of my big park and all of the cool trails to walk on. (It's another great sign to sniff!)

In this picture I'm thinking, "Come on, Mom! Stop taking pictures and just enjoy the park!"

The park's got lots of trees and regularly grassy spots. There's also lots of super-tall grass. It's as tall as Mom!

I tried not to let all of those leafs on the sidewalk spoil my walk. I don't like leafs!

I was really thirsty after all of that walking. Mom usually keeps a water bowl and some water in the car for me, though, so I can get a drink after we've walked. That's a good idea in my opinion 'cause I was super thirsty today. She thought I was gonna drink the whole bowl full.

"Stop taking pictures of me, Mom. I was just takin' a drink!"

All of that walking at the park wore me out. So I had to take a nap when we got home. (Mom thinks I'm cute when I'm sleepy. Heck, I'm cute all of the time.)

So those are all the pictures of my walk at the big park today. Isn't it a cool place? I hope we get to go back tomorrow. I love the park!

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