Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Walking in the Park

Mom had a cool surprise for me tonight. We went for a walk in the BIG park!

We haven't gone there for a while, so I didn't expect the trip tonight. When she got home from work, she took me outside to potty like always. She wouldn't let me walk, though, so I was a little upset with her. After she gets home, we ALWAYS go for a walk. Why on earth wouldn't she let me tonight?!

That's when she surprised me by getting in the car. I was even madder at first 'cause I thought she was taking me to the groomer. No walk and then a trip to the groomer? That's just RUDE! (She's been calling me a "shaggy beast" lately and usually that means a trip to the groomer.)

But then all of the sudden I realized that we were in the parking lot at the big park! I got SO stinking excited. I couldn't wait to get out of the car, and when I did, I went into complete hyper-doggie mode. I ran in huge circles around Mom 'cause I was so happy about being at the big park.

There are lots and lots of great smells at the park. I was excited during our whole walk and I didn't even get too hot. Mom said she was cold, but I just told her she needed to grow herself some fur. I practically ran through the entire park and Mom kept up with me 'cause she was cold. It was a great night. Not even too many other doggies in the park, so I had lots of sniffing spots to myself.

I love that park. Thanks, Mom!

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