Saturday, October 10, 2009

Belle Submitted to My Gallery of Writing!

My friend Belle submitted a piece she wroted to my Gallery of Writing! I wanted to share it with all of you, too. Belle said it was here it is!
Call me Belle. I was born in La. I am a weinie. Literally and figuratively. I eat,sleep and TCB. Thats my job. Oh,I also tweet. Alot! You should really try walkin' in my paws. Be a dog. Experience what life is like when you can't speak for yourself and depend on the kindness of others. It really changes your view on things. The Big DoG sez do unto others...He's got a point...Take it from a dog...
Thanks, Bellemia! You wroted a great piece!

I posted about my Gallery last month, but since then some other friends on Twitter have asked me some great questions about it. Mom said I should tell everyone here to help clear up any confusion. So here goes...
  • Does my profile need to be in my name or in my human's name?
If you wroted your piece, you should get the credit! Use your name and information, not your human's. In Belle's profile, she wrote that her "race/ethnicity" was "canine." He he he! Mom put that my "occupation" was "Supervisor of Household Napping and Cookie Eating."
  • What should I write about?
There's SO much stuff that you can write write about anything you want! You could write a diary entry or a letter to your humans or a poem or a short essay. Maybe talk about how you gotted your human family or about how you like to sniff stuff or maybe just submit your "to do" list. I submitted my poem about my Mom pickin' up my poo. There are SO many things you can write about. The only guideline for my gallery is that the piece was written by an animal!
  • What kind of submissions do you take? What kind of files and stuff?
You can write in the little text box in the Gallery, or you can submit a link to a piece on your blog or Twitter account. You can upload a file, too, like a Word document. If you aren't linking to your blog, I suggest you upload a file like that so that you can put your picture in it. (I want those human's to all see how cute my animal friends are!) If you've got a blog, then you should submit through a link to a post--that way people can see other stuff you wroted on your blog, too.

Thanks for helping me out by submitting something to my Gallery of Writing!

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Anonymous said...

I think it's so nice what you're doing. I'm going to think about it and submit an article. (signed: Smokey8 fr Twitter)