Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's Zooming on My Pond?

Mom and I walked around the pond tonight. I heard a funny buzzing sort of noise on the way over there. It got pretty loud. When I looked at my pond, you know what I saw? Boats! That's right -- there were boats out zooming around my pond.

Mom said that they were "remote control" boats 'cause our pond isn't big enough for boats people ride in. And there were guys on the side of the water with things that told the boats where to drive on the pond. That's pretty weird, don't you think?

Anyway, the good thing about the boats zooming on my pond is that it scared all of the geeses away. Those loud honkers keep pooping on my sidewalk! I wouldn't mind 'em if they would stop doing that. And maybe quiet down a bit. They're so loud!

Bad thing about the boats is that they scared away the duckies, too. Mom and I like to listen to them quackin' out on my pond. (They're not as loud as the geeses and they don't poop all over, either!)

Gotta admit that the boats zooming sorta scared me a little, too. Mom had to pull me along for a bit when the boats got super close to the sidewalk. Oopsie...

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