Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scouting Report

I've scouted the place, and here's the situation...
  • Kitchen: No food accidentally dropped on the floor.
  • Living room: No crumbs by the couch.
  • Front door: No food discovered, but a good smelly spot from a bag of garbage (Mom hasn't noticed it yet).
  • Bedroom: No leftover cookies from last night. Even looked under the doggie bed.
  • My crate: No leftover cookies from this morning.
  • Food mat: No canned doggie food left. Only nasty, dry stuff.
Hmmm. I was already so hungry that I ate the pills I refused to eat earlier (covered with the chicken stuff that Mom uses when she thinks she's tricking me...yeah right...).

I guess I need to beg for some people food or try to get Mom to give me more canned food or something...

I'm refusing to eat that nasty, dry doggie food.

1 comment:

theculinaryk9 said...

Poor thing! Keep looking, maybe they'll give you a treat!