Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Ain't Happy

My Mom is in SO much trouble with me.

This morning, it was raining out so I didn't get a good walk in and I didn't really take care of all of the business that I needed to take care of. When Mom got ready to leave for work, I figured she would take me out again. Did she today? Nooooo. Instead, she just carried me directly to the car.

So I think, "Well this can't be too bad. We're going for a ride! Maybe to that cool, big park again!" Did we go to the park? Nooooo. Mom drove a different way.

Then we went through a drive-through and I thought, "YES! French fries!" Did I get any? Noooo. Mom put the bag on the floor in front of my seat and never opened it! She just taunted me with it!

And then she tricked me by going a different direction and taking me to...the GROOMER. I really don't like that place. I hate hair cuts and I hate baths, and they do both of those to me there! Mom actually had the nerve to leave me at the groomer all day long, too, instead of just part of the day like usual. Grrrrrrr!

She gave me lots of cookies when she picked me up, so that was nice. And then we went for a short walk when we got home. It was still raining. I figured, "Great...a nice evening with just Mom and I at home." But did she stay home? Nooooo. She gave me my pills and then she LEFT ME and she was gone all evening!

I'm not a happy doggie right now. This woman owes me big time.

Note that my tail is down in this picture, and not up and wagging. This is NOT a picture of a happy doggie. Bad Mommy!

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