Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween from Lexi-Turtle!

It's a's a plane... NO, it's Lexi-Turtle!

I finally got Mom to make a turtle expander so that my costume fits my little belly. She used scissors, a washcloth, and some safety pins, but I think it worked out good. You can't really tell that the turtle-expander is on there Now it's the right size and snug as a bug (or snug as a turtle!). Way to go, Mom!

She took about a bazillion pictures of me. I'm gonna post some of them here. I had some trouble picking out my favorites 'cause Mom tooked to many!


LouPeb said...

Too cute for words! you're the cutest froggy in the world! way way cuter than my pet turtle...who always screams at me...

LouPeb said...

BOL BOL silly me!
ok here I go again. *deep breath*
you're the cutest TURTLE in the world!

Life With Dogs said...

Right back at you!