Saturday, November 3, 2007

Puppy Poo-etry

I take the time
Just to find
The very perfect spot.

I get ready,
Do what I do,
And give it all I’ve got.

So why does Mom pick up the poo?

Just once I wish
She’d leave it there
In the spot that I picked out.

Other doggies
Would all know
That I was there without a doubt.

But my Mom picks up the poo.

It’s a simple system
That dogs have.
It’s how we catch the news.

We leave a gift
For friends to find,
And we know whose is whose.

Why can’t Mom leave my poo?

Plenty of dogs
Leave their mark
Out there in the grass.

No, not me,
That can’t be.
I guess I’ll have to pass.

My mom picks up the poo.


NCTE said...

Don't feel bad, Lexi. You mom packages (sh)it up, pops a bow on it, and sells it on the internet to pay for your canned food, chew sticks, and days at the doggie spa.

sydpie said...

yeaaa!!!! applause applause!!

Betsy said...

Pooetry like yours is very very fine.
One of these days my mom will publish some of mine.
About the poo moms and dogs cannot agree.
Except for love its all we have to give and best of all its free!
Georgia Brown

Dee said...

Well done, well done!!