Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation: Day 4 and the Trip Home

On the last day of our vacation, I got Mom up really early. She wasn't too happy about that 'cause she and Aunt Katie had been up late again. But, hey...a doggie's gotta potty, you know!

Before we packed up our cabin, Mom and Aunt Katie and I went to a place called Casper Bluffs. Mom said we were looking at some Indian burial mounds there. I have no idea what those are. I liked Casper Bluffs, though, 'cause there was lots and lots of room for me to run and explore. Mom kept me on my stupid leash there because she said she didn't know what I'd get into. Where's the trust?!

Here are some pictures of Mom, Aunt Katie, and I at Casper Bluffs:

I was tired when we left there, but I still had fun lookin' out the window of the van. Mom likes this picture...

Then we had to go back to our cabin to pack up to leave. I didn't want to leave, though, so I wouldn't listen to Mom and come back. I took off down the lane towards another cabin. I got in a little trouble. Here are some pictures of me being naughty... Just look at my tail and you can see just how unhappy I was about leaving!

We went shopping again after we packed up and left our cozy cabin. I got to ride around in my doggie bag. I was excited this time. Mom thought it was funny that I stuck my tail out the back of the bag and was waggin' away.

It was a hot day, though, and I got pretty tired. I fell asleep in my bag with my face smooshed against the side.

We started the drive home after we finished shopping. Mom put me in the backseat again, but I didn't care 'cause I was SO TIRED. I slept the entire way. We went to Aunt Katie's house and got our car, and then we went to Aunt Katie's Mom's house to say "hi" and get our stuff out of Aunt Katie's van. I liked Grandma Connie and Grandpa Wes's house. They had lots of stuff for me to sniff and roll around in. Mom kept telling me to stop 'cause she didn't want me rolling in chicken or peacock poop. She's no fun. (he he he!)

And then Mom and I drove to our house. I had a good time on our road trip, but I was so very glad to be home!

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