Friday, June 12, 2009

The Hunger Strike Ends

I ate the doggie food last night. I was starving, so I just broke down and did it. If Mom held out this long, then I doubt I'm gonna get more hamburger.


Mom made me take a bath last night, too. Totally not fair, either. I had to take a bath 'cause we needed to wash the greasy flea preventative stuff off of my back. Um...who do you think put that nasty stuff on me in the first place?! Seems to me that if she hadn't put it on me, then she wouldn't have had to give me a bath last night, either!

I did get back at her, though. When she got me out of the tub and put me on the bathroom floor, I managed to squeeze through a little crack in the bathroom door. She didn't even miss me for a second 'cause she was hanging up the towel. It was pretty funny when she came looking for me. I got my doggie bed all wet before she found me and made me go back to the bathroom so she could blow dry my fur.

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