Monday, June 8, 2009

Story of My Life: Peeing in a Cup

Mom chased me around outside with another stupid cup this morning. I really don't understand why the doggie doctor wants my pee-pee like that. It makes no sense!

Mom said that the vet was really happy about my pee-pee this time, though. All of the bacteria buggies are gone, so no more icky antibiotics! That's good.

Oh...And I'm still refusing to eat my doggie food. The hunger strike continues! Tonight, I made Mom hand-feed me some of it. That's the only way I'd eat at all. I wouldn't eat it off of the doggie food mat. I want hamburger! Give me hamburger!

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Barbara Lamar said...

Hi Lexi:

Have you talked to your mom about the Flint River Dog Food I talked to her about? It is great for pups and my little one will only eat this. She even eats it for TREATS! Won't touch Science Diet.

You might have her check it out! You have to buy it on the web at is for seniors, but you can cheat and pretend you are one!

Auntie Barb