Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation: Day 3

On the next day of my vacation with Mom and Aunt Katie, I got Mom up early so that I could go look at those alpacas again. I sorta needed to potty, too, of course. I liked staying with the alpacas, though, 'cause Mom didn't put me on my leash very often. I was FREE! That rocks.

Mom and Aunt Katie had to go do some stuff again that day, so I was in charge of the cabin yet again, too. They got back early this time, though, and we had some fun sitting outside at a picnic table. Aunt Katie was cookin' people food on a grill there, so Mom and I kept her company. I loved romping around in the grass. That was so much fun. I got to sniff all sorts of stuff, too.

Here are some pictures of me romping around and playing with Mom.

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