Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation: Day 2

I know it's been a while since Mom and I went on our road trip, but I still need to write about it 'cause it was cool. Lots of "firsts" for me.

So after we stayed in our hotel room (and after I got in trouble for barking), we got back in Aunt Katie's van and went to Galena. Mom let me ride on her lap this time instead of having me sit in the back 'cause it wasn't a far trip.

I've gone shopping at the doggie store lots of times, and I love going there. We did lots and lots of shopping on vacation, too, only this was different. Mom put me in a doggie bag and carried me. I guess not all people like doggies in their stores, but we were sneaky and I was kinda hiding. I wasn't too excited about the doggie bag at first, but I did get lots and lots of attention in it. Lots of people wanted to pet me. I'm always up for a good head scrachin'.

People would say, "Oh, what a cute doggie!" or "Look at that little puppy!" Some people were downright silly and said, "Is that a real dog?" Oh, come on! Give me a break! WHAT do I look like?! Of course I'm a real doggie!

Here's a picture of Mom and I shopping:

After we went shopping, we went to the place we were gonna stay for two nights. It was called a cabin, and it had biiiig animals called alpacas there. Here's what an alpaca looks like:

And here's a picture of Mom, Aunt Katie, and I sitting by our cabin, watchin' the alpacas:

After we watched the alpacas for a while, Mom and Aunt Katie put me in charge of guarding the cabin and they left for a while. I stayed inside in my little crate, but that was o.k. 'cause I was pretty tired from all of the excitement. And it's a good thing I got some rest, too, 'cause Mom and Aunt Katie kept me up late that night with all of their chatting and stuff.

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