Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Squeaky Skunk!

I completely forgotted about a special toy that Mom bought me in Galena! She said it was part for my birthday and part for my Galena souvenirs. It's a squeaky toy skunk. Mom said that we had to get the skunk toy 'cause I tooted in Aunt Katie's van on the trip to Galena and it was super stinky. He he he! I thought that was pretty funny. You should have seen Mom and Aunt Katie when I did that!

Anyways, Mom got the squeaky skunk out of the package tonight and we played and played and played. This thing is so cool! I LOVE IT! It's really long and it has squeakers in both ends. Best of all, it doesn't have any stuffing inside, so it's easy for me to find those squeakers with my tiny little teeth! Perfect for tugging on, too. Mom and I had a bunch of fun playing with it. I was flingin' it around on my own, too. One time I flung so hard that I knocked myself over sideways. That was pretty funny!

We played so much that I kinda got tired and had to lay down by my skunk. Mom took lots of pictures...

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