Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Geese Are Crazy!

Mom and I walked around the pond tonight. I decided that we could. I've been refusing to walk over there for a while just 'cause I didn't feel like it. I was bored with my pond.

Anyway, when we were there tonight, the geese were going crazy. There were a bazillion of them -- lots more than usual. And they were flapping and flying and swimming around all over the place. They were SO loud, too. HONK HONK HONK! (Just like that.) I think maybe the normal geeses were having a party or something and they invited all of their friend geeses over.

Then, all of the geeses just flew off to one of the other ponds. It was funny 'cause all of the sudden, they were gone. I guess their party got busted. They left some duckies behind, though, so then the duckies were quacking up a storm -- probably happy that the geese all left and they had the pond to themselves.

Even after the geese left, I could sure tell that lots of them had been at my pond. They really need to start cleaning up after themselves...or to stop going potty on my sidewalk!

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