Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stuff at the Pond

Mom and I walked around the pond tonight. She didn't want to 'cause of her allergies but I begged and begged and tugged and tugged. She finally caved and let me go that direction.

Funniest thing happened when Mom and I were walking. We met a doggie who was just a bit smaller than me and you know what the doggie's name was? Chicken! I couldn't believe it. The doggie was named Chicken. That's so silly! I was, of course, scared of the doggie and I hid behind Mom each time Chicken tried to say "hi" to me. Mom said that Chicken wasn't a chicken but I was. Whatever...

Goose Update: I was surprised that the honkers were quiet tonight. Only one honking incident when we were walking. Looks like they stopped all of that pooping on my sidewalk, too. It's about time! Those crazy geese were making such a mess over there! I don't think as many of them are living on my pond anymore, so maybe that has something to do with the quiet night and lack of poo.

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