Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Puppy Poetry: I Love Meat!

Oh, how I love bacon.
The flavor can’t be mistaken!

Oh, what a joy is chicken.
It causes my pulse to quicken!

Oh, to savor some turkey,
As drumstick, breast, or jerky!

Oh, the bliss of beef.
The taste’s beyond belief!

Oh, what a treasure is ham.
It’s just as great as lamb!

You can keep your fruits...y
our veggies I abhor.
They’re simply not for me, ‘cause I’m a carnivore!


Keisha said...

Scrumpshus! :)

Huntyr said...

especially fresh raw meat LOL

Love your blogs!!

sydpie said...


Betsy said...

Meat is good. Meat is nice. I like chicken mixed with rice! :o)Georgia Brown