Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mom's in Trouble

I'm pretty upset with Mom right now. Yesterday she worked all day, and then came home to see me. That's normal. But you know what she did then? She rushed me through my walk and she LEFT again! That's totally uncalled for. She doesn't have school anymore, so she shouldn't be doing that.

I was hungry. I wanted some petting. I needed a good ear scratching, and the evening is my time to play with my squeaky skunk. But noooooo. She just rushed home, took me out to potty, and then put me right back in my crate! She didn't come home again until it was dark out, too.

And...this was just the icing on the carob cake... She smelled like FRENCH FRIES when she came home again. Did she give me any? Nooooo. I'm guessing she ate them all by herself and refused to share. That should be illegal!

So I'm not a happy puppy. I'm working on getting back at her. Tonight when she tried to make a phone call, I got out my loudest squeaky toy and just squeaked away! Take that, you mean Mom!

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