Monday, August 31, 2009

What's a PawPawty?

Some of you might be confused by my last post -- the Sekurity Report for the PawPawty. Let me explain...

Mom let me set up my very own Twitter account, and I've met hundreds of doggies and kitties and teddy bears and hedge hogs and guinea pigs and squirrels and pigeons and all sorts of other animals from all over the world. Once a month, all of my anipals (animal friends) have a big party. They call it a "paw pawty" because, well, most of us have paws...obviously...

Anyway, a PawPawty is an online party were everyone chats through Twitter and plays along with the party theme. There's an optional cover charge for the party, and the money goes to whichever animal charity we're supporting that month. This month we raised over $1,300!

The PawPawty Sekurity Team stands by in case anyone needs help during the party. And this month, I joined the Sekurity Team! (Don't laugh.) I kept track of all of the sekurity-related events at the party. I'm the official Dokumentation Officer for the Sekurity Team. Not bad for a skittish little doggie, huh?

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Katie said...

For the record - I think you may have completely lost your mind :)