Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goose Update

Mom and I walked around the pond again tonight. All of the bazillion geeses are STILL over there. This time they were all just floating around on the water, though. They weren't acting all crazy like they were last night. I think their party must have been done.

So the geese were quieter, but they still haven't picked up all of that messy poop that they left on my sidewalk. My Mom picks up my poop. Why don't the geeses' moms pick of theirs?

Oh -- we saw some duckies tonight, too. They were walking by the sidewalk. I didn't want to scare 'em, so I just acted like I didn't see them. I think they still got a little scared, though. They were quacking at me. I just kept on walking and sniffing the grass.

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