Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All of my Halloween Clothes

Mom's been getting me dressed up for Halloween every year since she adopted me. She loves it, and I put up with it 'cause I get extra cookies for being good. Works well for both of us!

So here are some of my looks from over the years...

The first year I lived with Mom, she made me a Tinkerbell costume. She sewed it all just for me. Made me feel pretty special, even if I couldn't stand the baby socks and barrette she made me wear! (Now these pictures are before I got my new haircut, so no giggling about that old 'do...)

The next year, I was a bumble bee. I wasn't a fan of the costume, especially the hat, so Mom tricked me by putting it on me when I was sleepy!

And then I was a lady bug. I wore the hat for Mom...but then I shook it off so that the antennas were at my chin!

I think after I was a lady bug, I was Snow White. I looked like such a dork that year...

Mom got me a princess outfit that year, too, that I didn't wear. I hated that thing. It didn't last long when she tried to make me wear it!

Stupid princess outfit...the aftermath...

Then I got to be a duckie. Quack, quack!

And then I was a chicken. Mom thought that was hysterical because I get scared a she says I'm a chicken anyway.

Last year I was a little Halloween witch. I got to go trick-or-treating at Grandma and Grandpa's house. That was fun!

Still not a fan of hats...

Mom also got me a princess outfit last year. This one was much better than the last princess outfit. I was supposed to wear it this year for Halloween, but, um, the costume shrunk and doesn't fit me very well now. At least the "costume shrinking" thing is the theory that I'm going with. Oh, well. I didn't really like this princess hat, either, but the dress was o.k..

Mom got me an extra costume for this year. She said it was on sale cheap and she couldn't pass it up! So I've got a luau girl outfit. (Would have been perfect for the luau party Aunt Katie threw for Mom and I!) It's pretty cute. The skirt kept making rustle noises and freaking me out, but I didn't try to shake it off. Mom turned my top around backwards 'cause she said you couldn't see any of the detail on it when it was on the right direction. She liked the little flowers, so to get them in the picture, she put it on me backwards. She's so silly!

And my official costume for this year just came in the mail today! Mom's pretty excited. Me? Well, you know that I just wear this stuff to humor her. Stay tuned for pictures! Mom says we have to wait until closer to Halloween for those!


HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

Wow them is impurressive costooms Lexilou! Dat cool!!!
I's add yoo to our linky page n George gonna put yoo on his linkies too. We fink it's way cool yoo gotta bloggy!

Boris Kitty said...

you iz a cute lil trick or treater!

Baby Patches said...

I just luvs all your costumes! You is very cute mai furriend.


Cathy Keisha said...

Love the witch costume. The hula girl is adorable also. I think I'm gonna be a cat this year.

powadedr said...

I luvs U costumes U looks sooo very cute !!!