Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Messing with Mom

Here's my new way of messing around with Mom...

She gives me all of these pills twice a day, and I decided that I like to eat them in my crate so she takes them there for me. She wraps all of my pills in this yummy chicken stuff, too. Let's face it...that's really the only draw for me. Wouldn't want the stupid pills on their own.

SO, I've got a pile of pills covered with chicky stuff down the hall in my office, and Mom's hanging out in the living room. Perfect opportunity for me. I've learned that I can actually chew all of the chicky stuff off of the pills and then leave the pills in a pile outside of my crate. All without Mom seeing a bit of it. She just finds the pile of my icky, slobbery pills.

Mom hates that. He he he!

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