Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beds and Blankies

It's good to have choices when you're looking for the perfect spot to nap. Mom's made sure that I have plenty of soft stuff to nap on, too. I've got my red doggie bed and my favorite blue blankie. Grandma Cindy made me an orange Illini blankie a couple of years ago, too, and we keep that by my doggie bed.

After my birthday this year Mom gave me a new white blankie. She put it in a different spot in our living room 'cause she thought I had enough blankies by my doggie bed. I had to disagree, though. I didn't like it over where Mom put it, so I gradually moved it to beside my doggie bed. Took me some time, but I got it over there. I was sneaky. I don't think Mom noticed...

Anyway, I like to put all of my blankies together in this big pile. Perfect for napping! I sure take up a lot of space for such a little doggie.

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