Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yeah for the Pond!

Mom and I went for a walk around our pond tonight! That rocks. We haven't gone in a long, long time 'cause of my bacteria buggies and mom's allergies (whatever the heck those are). But we went tonight! Mom said we were kinda celebrating 'cause it was a nice night and 'cause the doggie doctor said that I didn't have any crystals or bacteria buggies in my pee-pee. That's good news! I was kinda miffed 'cause Mom made me potty in a cup this morning, but it sounds like it was worth it!

Man, those geeses have been busy at my pond. They pooped ALL over the sidewalk! I wonder why their moms don't pick it up. Aren't all moms supposed to pick up their kids' poo?

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