Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lots of News from the Doggie Doctor

Mom made me go pee-pee in a cup again last week. And earlier this week she took me to the vet and she LEFT ME THERE. I was not happy about that. They poked me and prodded me and took funny pictures of me called "x-rays." For one of those, you know what they did? They made me lay on my back with my belly all exposed! How rude!

Mom talked to the doggie doctor on the phone a couple of times and we got all good news. Yeah! That made Mom and I both pretty darn happy. Here's what she found out...

My pee-pee was "clean." I guess that means that there weren't any bacteria buggies in there and there also weren't any crystals. The crystals come before the icky bladder stones show up. And I didn't have any inflammation. No idea what that is, but that's what Mom told me. One of the x-rays showed them that there aren't any sneaky, icky bladder stones hanging out in there, either.

And in the other x-rays, they decided that my heart was a good size and that my heart murmur wasn't a problem. (I guess that means that my heart talks or something.) And the last x-rays showed that my liver was the right size, too. My liver has been ouchy and that's why I have to eat special doggie food and take all of those medicines. But all of the other tests said that at least my liver is the same as it was and it's not getting any worse. Mom was pretty happy about that. So was the doggie doctor.

And my dry eyes are o.k. with my eye droppies, just like Mom's been giving me. She said that she didn't talk to the doggie doctor about my arthur-itis 'cause it hasn't been bothering me as much.

So that's the scoop. Mom says that I'm healthy enough now to get my teeth cleaned, whatever that means!

Going to the doggie doctor sure takes a lot out of ya, though. Too much poking and prodding for me. Here's how I spent my evening:

This is me givin' Mom a "stop taking pictures!" look. he he he

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